And A Good Time Was Had By All, Including The Left Nostril

There was much rejoicing, and presents, and boy-crazy shenanigans...

...while his mother sat, enthralled by all around her, as the multitude of tissues continued to soak up all the excess mucus from her left nasal passage.

Life of the party.
And a good time was had by all. Good night.


♥georgie♥ said…
OMGosh Mary!!! You poor thing...Loved the pics ALL of em...I am still LOL at the last one
Stesha said…
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♥Trina♥ said…
Hey, you look the exact same way I feel! I haven't started with the non-stop nasal dripping. Yet.
Look at all those presents, I'll bet the little guy was sooo happy!
I hope you start to feel better real soon Mary! I know how terrible it is to have one nostril dripping away.. especially at bedtime.
Anonymous said…
Poor Mary-get better!
CaJoh said…
I used to do that all the time— roll up the tissue and stick it up the nostril to soak up the drips.

Sure hope you're feeling better. Here are some of my Home Remedies to try if you like:

Get well soon.
aww well I think its totally cool that even though you was having nasal drip problems you all still had a great party....happy late b-day to your little man...he's very handsome!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!
Jane! said…
Looking Good!!
Hope you are feeling mo' bedda' soon!
Cathy Winsby said…
Looks like we shared the same least the kleenex up the nostril part. :)

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