V-Day -- That's For Valentine's, Not Venereal

That wonderful, amazingly romantic and sickeningly nauseating commercial day is upon us once again. Yes, that's right, Valentine's Day is just around the proverbial corner. Please excuse me while I go find a hard surface on which to whack my head repeatedly.

You may be getting the sense that I'm one of those Valentine's Day haters. Well, I am and I'm not. The only reason I don't like V-Day much is because it has become extremely commercial (what holiday hasn't?), and I'm thinking it maybe makes people forget that we're supposed to be kind to one another every day, not just the one day a year Hallmark chose. Having said that, I also enjoy it immensely because I usually get flowers and very expensive chocolates from Mr. Handsome, and sometimes even a nice dinner at a restaurant! Yes, it's all about me.

What do I get him, you ask? Ummmmm...a card. And all my love, all the time, day and night. That's right.

But not just any card. Oh no. It's only the best for my Mr. Handsome, my schnookums, my widdle iggly wiggly...sorry, got carried away a bit there. Like I said, I only get the best, after weeks of searching, worrying, furrowing of brow, and drinking of gin and tonic, and copious amounts of other liquids that shall remain nameless because I don't remember them.

I went looking for just such a card the other day, right after my gynecologist appointment, because I was in the mood for love.

Of course, because I am so short on time and brain and all things energy, I tend to go to the computer and snoop online instead of drive around the city in the car, stopping by as many Starbuck's as I can on the way to the multitude of card shops that exist throughout our fair city. There is definitely no shortage of Valentine's Day paraphernalia at online shops, I've discovered. More than I could ever imagine. And some people are very creative. And gladly so, because otherwise it would mean me traipsing through the streets, scouring the shops for that perfect Valentine for my perfect Valentine. And who has the time for that? Not me, that's who.

Check out these lovelies:

1. These are some of the
best Valentine's cards I've found in a long time. By Coolgraphic in the U.K., these are from the That's Amore collection.

2. This lovely five-card set of Valentines is handmade by Hidenseek, another wonderful cardmaker from the U.K.

3. Eggpress makes the most dainty and amazingly beautiful Valentine's Day cards. I'll definitely be shopping here again.

4. FreshlySkweezed, another Etsy seller, makes these beautiful cut-out cards.

5. Some more cards from Eggpress.

This one makes me chortle heartily.

I love the clam one. Absolutely adorable.

6. These
cards from the Bottman Design Shop make my heart palpitate and my nethers twitch, I love them so. They are amazing, really. Each one is handmade, a mini-ornament with beadwork, wire and ribbon. The detail is out-of-this-world. A real keepsake.

They also carry these adornments that can be hung. Absolute beauties.

I love this card. It says, "A man should kiss his wife's navel every day." I totally agree.

7. This set of two
Valentine's Day cards by Etsy seller 300ne are beautiful, and are made from 100 % recycled paper. Both cards are machine stitched with hot pink thread. How can one resist?

Phew, I'm tired out from all the shopping. I have no idea which card to choose, so I may get them all and send them to all my lovers.


Anonymous said…
Those are beautiful!
♥georgie♥ said…
valentine day will be my 12th wedding anniversary...I know very cliche'
cute cards
~*Jobthingy*~ said…
those are adorable.

ROFL. after your gyne appt cause your in the mood for love. you kill me
Sandi said…
Brandon is in Nigeria every Valentines day. I think he plans it that way on purpose. I sit home with the kids and stuff my face with conversation hearts.
Lynette said…
Those are very pretty - hubs and I really just exchange cards. He brought home some potted roses last year for me to plant - which I really liked - I like to work in the yard and one year he brought home tulips for me to plant. We've sort of gotten over the whole lovey-dovey thing - sounds bad I know!!
I have always thought that the idea of valentines day was flawed. Not that you should not lavish affection upon your partner but that you should only do so once per year. I think a better philosophy is just to be nice them all year around
Jane! said…
I'm not going to ask what it was about your gyno appointment that put you in the mood for love but I do have a tip for you. If you wait until like the 14th, the options aren't nearly so overwhelming.
Anonymous said…
I loathe V Day down to the core. We don't celebrate it, it's so commercial, they take a dozen roses and charge you $100 for them and then the next day they're back to costing $10, come on!

And as a kid if you didn't get one from someone you felt so bad about yourself....just not worth it.
Shupe said…
So glad that I don't have to worry about this horrid day!!! I don't even care that I get nothing! It's kind of like every other stupid holiday!! :)

Good luck- and like Jane
WTH put you in the mood after a gyno appointment? I usually want to bury my head afterwards!
Mary Moore said…
Well, let's just say my gyno is Patrick Dempsey's twin...

Just kidding. I actually dread going for my pap, and end up drowning in my Bailey's afterwards because I am extremely embarrassed and distressed.

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