Pieces of a Puzzle

So, tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I have not got my love a damn thing. Well, I did get him an awesome and totally cool card, but that's it. And for us, that's more than enough. Because all that matters is that we have each other, through good and bad, and better or worse, blahblahblah.

As you can tell, we don't get all smarmy and overly romantic over the day, because every day in our house is the Day of Lurve. That's right, folks. Every. Day.

In other words, we've learned to basically put up with each other without ending up in prison.

Just kidding. Sort of.

As we all know, once you've been together for more than, say, a year or so, you start having to learn various coping techniques and dodging strategies just to get through the day. The first year is usually bliss, full of hot sex, lots of necking, holding hands all the time, and making sure not to fart in front of each other.

After that, it's a free-for-all. What I mean by this is, the coyness, going ga ga over one another, and only showing the side we will show god when it's our turn to go to heaven, it all goes to pot after that first year. After Year One, you start to really get to know your significant other. Really. Well.

As in, "Holy shit! I did not know this! What have I gotten myself into?"

Mr. Handsome actually said that to me once, just not in exactly those words. We were talking about the day he had just found out I was quite deeply in debt, and I asked him why he didn't just leave me? And he said, "Because by then it was too late." Which, of course, translated into the Language of Love means, "Because I loved you too much to let you go. You were by then my be all and end all, the light of my life."

I distinctly remember when that first year was pretty much over for us. I was in the bathroom in our one-bedroom apartment, and I whistled for Mr. Handsome, as I often did back then. Don't ask me why I whistled for him. I just did. Now that I think of it, it was freaking annoying and rather rude. Anyway, I whistled, and waited for him to respond, like a good pet should. But there was only silence. And I knew he was there, only five feet away from me in the living room, watching tv. After a few more whistles, which progressively got louder and louder because, well, if he's not answering, it's obvious he just doesn't hear me beckoning, I heard this: "Oh, shut up."

Yes, that's right. Mr. Handsome told me to shut up. But he did it under his breath, so that I would not hear him speak so rudely to me. However, he did not know at the time that I had bionic ears and could hear old Mr. Henderson eight floors down taking a pee. So, of course I could hear him speak unkindly of me five measly feet away.

You could say that year in the apartment was a tough one. We found out a lot about each other, and not all of it was pleasant. We discovered each other's faults, failures, "issues", and troubles.

But we also knew we had started on a road that -- although not smooth as silk, and straight and narrow -- was a road we were going to share for a very long time. For two such very different people to come together from such different backgrounds, each bringing to the relationship so many conflicting beliefs, it's really a wonder we are still together.

What we've found, however, is that through all of our difficulties, dealing with my depression, my not-so-pleasant childhood, a child with cancer, to name a few, we've stuck together, and deep down inside, we've always known we will always be there for one another. Always.

Although we are two very different people, Mr. Handsome and I are really two parts of the same puzzle, and we fit together perfectly. And although this is going to sound really cheesy, it's absolutely true, that our love has grown exponentially as we have gone through our various struggles. And I believe it's only through these struggles, and the tears, that we've grown to have the utter love we have now for each other.

So, Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie!

Don't wait too long to give me those chocolate truffles, dear! They'll melt! Oh, ok, you can wait until after you take me out to The Keg.


That was a very, very, sweet post. I hope you and Mr. Handsome have a great Valentines day together.

P.S. Screw the chocolate truffles, go for a night of hot LOVE!
Blonde Goddess said…
Melted chocolate truffles are great for sticking on things...and then eating them off.
I'm just saying...

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