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As if I needed any extra help in realizing the realities of my situation, Mr. Handsome recently decided to make things clearer for me.
Me: You know, I am finally seeing a big difference in my strength. It took long enough, didn't it, for my work-outs to make a difference?
Mr. Handsome: Not really.
Me: What do you mean, "Not really"??? Sure it did.
Mr. Handsome: What I mean is that you forget that you've been out of shape longer than most of your classmates have been alive.
Touche, dear, touche.

I'm Cinderella

Oh, hello there. Me? I'm fine. Still alive, yes. Thanks for asking.
Despite my super-human strength, and abilities beyond any other human's, I too have failures. Yes, it's true. My failure is not keeping up this blog. Oh, and maybe never seeing my family, not getting enough sleep, barely eating, and perhaps having really bad gas -- if you are one of those people who see bad gas as a failure. I see it as a major success.
Anyway, the weeks go on, I keep stumbling through, bringing my head up for air every once in a while. I've turned into a mole (or a vole, depending on which one you think is cuter), and in rare moments, I bring my head to the surface and -- oh, hey!! what happened to all the leaves on the trees?! And why am I so cold??
Yeah, that's basically my life now. Not complaining, just explaining.
Mr. Handsome was out of town late last week AGAIN, so I had the kids to myself. Of course, I was a bit concerned, seeing as I had a ton of work to do (nothing new THERE…

A post whereby I talk about absolutely nothing that has anything to do with anything else in the post

Well, I believe this is the first time in the history of this blog that I've only posted once in an entire week.
I've gone from posting pretty much every day, to four times a week, to three, to two, and now one? Of course, I have good reason, and I know all of you know what it is. 
Where was I? Oh yeah...
My readership is going downdowndown, my Alexa rating is dipping, I have nothing to talk about anymore except how much work I have to do and how much Mr. Handsome likes to see me in a uniform, and lo and behold, my third blog anniversary is just around the bend. Six days, to be exact. If anyone cares.
Which, by the way, I don't. Care, that is. Which is probably pretty obvious to everyone out there because I'm only posting once a week.
See how I did that? Made a complete circle, bringing the beginning around to the end and back to the beginning again? Clearly, I'm a writer.
Oh, and I also realized this past weekend that I actually married one of the mountain men out of th…

Not Forgotten

Some childhood memories are never forgotten.
It is surprising that even what might seem like the most mundane, idiotic and immature of events can become such an ingrained part of who you become as an adult.
When I went back to college in September,  I had mixed feelings. Here I was, a middle-aged mom who's been out of school for 20 years, going back, knowing full well that my class would most probably be filled with nubile young things who thought they were pretty darn hot, smart, and amazing. I was scared. Scared of what they might think of me, scared they would laugh at me. Just scared.
I was also very excited to be entering a new and very big part of my life, a part that could make me a much happier, more self-fulfilled person, something I have not felt for a long time.
But, try as I might, those feelings of fear and insecurity kept looming up, overwhelming the excitement that kept trying to keep its head above water.
What it came down to, I finally realized, was that I was trying s…

Stabs of guilt

Can't believe it's already the middle of freaking October, and by that I mean HOLY CRAP, TIME IS MOVING WAAAAY TOO FAST!!!
And then I ask myself, 'Poodle, how does this happen?' Does time actually go faster at various moments in the space-time continuum, or is it that my brain finally exploded and caused me to lose track of a few months?
I'm voting for the brain explosion, because that's how I've been feeling. There is just so much to do, and so little time for any of it. In fact, I feel totally guilty keeping up this blog because really? I should be studying. Or doing a load of laundry. Or buying a turkey.
Oh yeah. It's Thanksgiving this weekend. Awesome.
In fact, I LOVE Thanksgiving. One of my favourite holidays, because it's full of food AND PUMPKIN PIE, which has been my favourite pie of all time since I was in utero. Oh, and by the way, whipped cream just ruins it. You're welcome.
So, usually at this time of the year, I'm all excited about t…

A nice way to be

I started writing a post the other day in the midst of my paramedic schooling fog, and then I had to stop because the dog screamed out in his sleep, and when I finally went back to writing it, I totally forgot what the hell I was writing about, and nothing I had written made any sense whatsoever, so I had to hit delete and here I am.
My brain is mushy, like a nice big pot of Kraft Dinner left on the stove just a tad too long. My needs are many, such as more sleep, regular meals, less stress, and more time with my family. But I'm not complaining, although I'm sure it sounds that way. In fact, I'm happy. Really, really happy.
This program I'm in is beating my butt, but it hasn't got me down. Well, it does at times, I won't lie. Like last week, when I had to redo a couple of tests because I didn't lift people properly. I am too hard on myself, and I know it, and yet, I continue the self-harassment. In the back of my mind, there's always this little voice say…