Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Me, cutting Dennis' hair: Hey, Dennis, look at this (showing him the blade for the razor, which says 'Left Ear' on it).

Dennis (laughing for a split second, then getting serious): I don't need that one. My ears aren't that long!


♥georgie♥ said…
OMGosh mary...I cant look at that pic I have a weak stomach LOL
Soxy Deb said…
That picture should have come with a warning label.

That Dennis is really a laugh roit isn't he?
nikkicrumpet said…
Cutting your hubby's hair is a good way to keep him on his toes...he knows if you're mad at him you can reap some serious revenge LOL. Loved the that's FREAKY!
Hahahaha! Too cute! When I first looked at that picture it made me say.....

Bon Don said…
That's cute! ... but what's not cute is that picture! Ouch with the stretched out ear lobes
I cant decide if that is funny or scary as hell...heheheh
Ok that is the painful picture of the day. Scary trend that razors have messages on them.
Fragrant Liar said…
Ew. Did Dennis say, I can't EAR you! That's just a cringe-worthy photo. Looks like it hurts.
Chica said…
I have to admire the woman who can endure that. Also that other tradition for shrinking the feet, or elongating the neck. It's all morbidly ace, though I wouldn't ever do it1 lol
You headline makes this photo one of the nest jokes I've come across all week!!
Shupe said…
I finally cut my son's mop tonight too!!!
I didn't scare him with the razor tonight though- although after this week of hell children- I'm about ready!!!

OUCH- I took my earing out speaking of stretching.......... I'd never go that far though! I'm odd, but not THAT Odd!!!

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