Tornado Touchdown! Hup! Hup!

Overturned trees...

...ripped out of the ground by their roots...

Would you look at that tree? The Leaning Pine of Pisa.

So, apparently we had a tornado here Saturday evening, and I slept right through it.

It was a low-grade tornado and it actually touched down in a few areas, all around my neighbourhood. That figures. No one was hurt, which is what's important, of course.

But I still think what's more important to report is that I actually slept through it.

Let's think about that for a moment, shall we?

A tornado, ripping roofs off houses, and 70-year-old trees out by their roots. Me, asleep.

Gives you an idea of what kind of day I'd had. Although, I guess it helps that I can't hear out of my left ear. A relatively recent health issue. More on that another day, when I really have nothing else to talk about.

It was really strange, actually, to see these uprooted trees, because right beside them were tiny saplings, fully erect and happily growing. Not touched in the least.

Tornadoes are strange, powerful things.


dizzblnd said…
I am glad no one was hurt... surprising judging from the pics. I liked The Leaning Pine of Pisa

I am such a light sleeper, there would have been NO way I could have slept through that, no matterhow tired I might have been
Gaston Studio said…
All I can say is WOW, both to the tornado damage and you sleeping thru it; that would scare me to death.
mo.stoneskin said…
That tree wasn't felled by a tornado, I just leant on it too heavily.
♥Trina♥ said…
I have slept through several major storms--a hurricane that blew in from the Gulf Coast, a tornado or three.

I'm glad that you and everyone in the area were safe.
Thank God it was a minor one....I remember vdo footages of Katrina and those other ones...very sad....'re a deep sleeper!
We had a tornado hit our house last week. Took the roof, the garage, turned the pool inside-out, took oaks and pines and left a scraggly MIMOSA tree that we cut down EVERY YEAR to try to keep it from coming back! Destroyed over 600 houses in my area and the only person hurt was my next door neighbor....he broke his arm!

I'm glad no one was hurt there either! Scary.
Have a wonderful Wednesday~
Soxy Deb said…
Tornados indeed are strange and powerful things. I have no doubt I would have slept through one too. Short of my own house being blown around, ala Dorothy, I never hear a thing.

Glad to hear everyone made it through relatively unscathed. And that your beauty sleep wasn't interrupted. ;)
Lauren said…
Isn't it funny how that can happen. I have photos of a wind damaged tree from a couple of years ago on my (then) block in Queens, NY. Weird.
Em said…
I guess asking you if it sounded like a freight train would be pointless?

That's some kinda tired my dear!!

Glad no one was hurt. But I'm sad for the trees. Really.
Minka said…
And everybody else heard it? Just wondering.
Glad you're all fine.
kel said…
that is some scary stuff!!
THANK GOODNESS you were safe!!!
I'm impressed that the pine tree said, "Hell NO! I WON'T GO!"
AWESOME that you got a good nights sleep but dang girl sleeping through a tornado you had to have been WIPED! or had too many margarita's LOL

Those were some big trees it took down!
Michel said…
wow. that is amazing. however, you reminded me of something important....

I need a nap!
A. K. said…
WOW! Look like Mother Nature is in rage
Manic Mom said…
Wow, I'm glad no one was hurt. You could have ended up in OZ or something. When you woke up you didn't see little people....did you?
I've slept through some pretty major storms too. No tornadoes though. Yikes!
zelzee said…
I'm sure I would sleep right through it, too.

Glad everyone was okay!
Anonymous said…
Tornados make an awesome sound! Glad no one was hurt and damage was minimal.
kwr221 said…
Whoa, that's not common there at all is it?

WV: imborid

When no one else is twittering, I often find my self saying, "Imborid" ;-)
Dawn said…
They are truly a powerful force!! And, living in Oklahoma I've seen my fair share of the damage they can do. It always amazes me how it will take a house completely house but leave the one next door untouched.

I'm glad you all are okay.
Elisa said…
I wish I could sleep that deeply. The only time I don't wake up when someone makes a peep in our household is because I'm fake sleeping 'cause I don't want to deal with the kids ;-)
sleeping thru this...that's amazing!! Great pics! I tweeted this because I thought your photos were so great. VERY glad you are OK!
We had a lot of damaged trees in our 'hood after Saturday night.
Bee said…
Holy crap! Good thing nothing happened to you! Wow. That is so scary!
Nature is qondeeous and powerful.

I've recently started taking medicine which has the aide effect of making me sleep that soundly. The only caveat is that I can't stay awake past bedtime.
nikkicrumpet said…
We had a tornado like that hit our neighborhood last fall...the people right next door to us had a tree fall on both of their cars...we came out unscathed. I'm glad everyone was ok in your neighborhood. I'm laughing that you slept right through it!

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