Your Friday Night Partay No. 6!

Worst Music Video Ever Take Two - The best bloopers are here


Oh. My. Gah. WHere did you find this abomination!??!? Soooooo bad! lol.

More LOL--- your word verification was "remisse" as in, "It is remiss of you to subject your readers to this horror!" hee hee
Eudea-Mamia said…
I can't make it through!

My eyes. My ears. Make it stop!!! :-)
Anonymous said…
It's awful! How do you find such horrors?
Mother.of.God!!! I kept watching to see if there was going to be a joke at the end, when I realized the WHOLE thing was a joke!
I sure hope your kiddos feel better, 'cause I think I'm going to be sick!
♥ Lilly

hahaha...NOW your word verification says SUCYC as in, this video SUC...ICK!!!
ok, the above mentioned post will make NO sense at all, because YOUR kids aren't sick, Georgie's are. I read her post B4 work this morning and read yours tonight! So now, I'm actually sick with Georgie's kids from watching your video! Goodnight!
Mary Moore said…
Finding my videos is a very difficult and time-consuming endeavour. Days upon days of hardship...

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