Let Me Repeat -- Wombs Are Not Clown Cars: Oh Nadya

I've avoided talking about Nadya Suleman and her 14 children for obvious reasons. This topic has been talked to death, and back to life again about 14 times, I would estimate. So, I had decided that nope, I would ignore it, pretend it didn't exist, wasn't important in my world, and discuss things that really matter, like whether or not I actually do put tomato soup in my meatloaf, or why Mr. Handsome wears a spelunker headlamp to bed.

But it's gotten the best of me, this Suleman character. I can't stand it anymore. I am breaking under the pressure of it all. And so I must discuss it, as is my duty as your Blogging Goddess. And besides, Dooce is talking about it. So, if the Almighty Dooce must discuss the issue, so must the Blogging Goddess. Such is the law.

Just in case you've been living in a cold cave in the middle of Zanzibar, the woman above is Nadya Suleman. That is, Nadya and her extremely rotund and egg-like, painful-looking belly, about one week before she popped out eight little premature, squawling humanlings.

Now, before I even get started, I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not know Nadya. Never met her and her lips. Not even close. So, really, I cannot judge this woman. But I will nonetheless, because if that's not my goal in life, I don't know what is. Needless to say, what I am going to say has probably already been said at least 1 gagillion times, so you may just want to skip over this entire post. Whatev.

First of all, I do not think Nadya having 14 children is wrong. Not at all.

What I do think is questionable is Nadya's decision to have 14 children, based on what we know about her and her lifestyle. The fact that she does not work, cannot afford the six she already had before the octuplets came, and lives with her mom is indication enough to me. She lives on less than $500 per month of food stamps, for god's sake.
People, what was she thinking?

I have the same issue with people who have more children than they can knowingly afford, and just assume it's okay because society will take care of all of them. Meanwhile, they go out and buy their cigarettes, watch their satellite tv, get take-out, and laugh at the rest of us who work our buns off trying to make ends meet, as well as pay for their bills. And it doesn't matter that the majority of the population doesn't know or even care where their hard-earned money goes in the end. What does matter is that Nadya consciously made this decision, and very very selfishly, I might add, to the obvious detriment of her children and everyone around her.
I'm not talking about "accidents" -- or shall we call them "surprises" because that is much more politically correct, although much more inaccurate -- because as we all know, accidents happen to the best of us.

I guess that's what I am having the biggest problem with in this whole drama. That, and the unyielding feeling that Nadya is doing this for money, not out of love. She hasn't come right out and said this (or has she?), but I get the sneaking suspicion this is very much behind the scenes. Oh, you know, book deals, a movie. Blahblahblah. I think she's had this all thought out.
She even has a website that says nothing about her or her family. There are only two links on her website: one for comments, the other for donations.

Come to think of it, I'd actually buy a book about how she got her lips to look like that. And then do whatever I had to do to NOT have that happen to me. I'd rather have my lips shrink with age like heated Saran wrap, thank you very much.

I don't think these children were conceived out of love for children, or even for the love of raising children and giving them love. I believe she's in love with the idea of having children. Very different scenario, and very dangerous on so many levels.

And while I'm at it, I also think she's loving the limelight. Kind of Britney Spearsish. I think she's lapping up the publicity, wants to be famous, and the only trick she had up her sleeve to get her there was by opening up her legs. Harsh, but true. Because really, what other talent does she have? Besides having really big, swollen and unnatural lips, that is.

I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so.


Eudea-Mamia said…
The only good I see coming out of this, is that she's become the poster child for living your life without responsibility or consequence.

Surely, even the people who are consciously choosing to sit on their butt and collect their government cheese are thinking this chick has got some serious nerve, and a few screws loose.

I pray.

And yes please mass media - no MORE!!
Tis is a sorrowful thing I think. Hard even with good intentions to give an upbringing to so many.
Just A Chic... said…
Did you know she's been house hunting? Evidently moms house is going on the auction block soon. I read a report yesterday that Nadaya was checking out some houses that run 1.4 MILLION.

And she and mom haven't been getting along so well. Mom is still very pissed about the octuplets. I think she's just tired of raising Nadaya's kids for her.
IM so glad that you brought this up because Ive been trying real hard not to just because there is way too much talk about it and its making me crazy!!!! I think its awful to bring so many children into this world when you dont have a job and no real way of taking care of all of them UNLESS you keep putting yourself and eventually them all over the tv!!! Thats no way for children to live their life. This was being totally irresponsible!!!! OK I kept it short cuz I could of went on and on....but thank you for letting me vent a little bit!!! hehehe
Jane! said…
I think it's interesting that she worked all those extra shifts to save up money for the IVF. Hmmm, did she think to put aside for the results of the ivf.
I seriously think she has some sort of mental illness or baby-addiction going. Too bad she found a doctor who was such an enabler.
Sandi said…
I have to defend her. I do not think she was doing this for the publicity. Come on... The DR implanted her with the same number of embroys he had in the past. She may have ended up with one baby this time. That's what she wanted. She didn't know she would get eight.

I had three grade A blasts put in last year, and none of them took. Happens more often than not. She may have gotten zero out of those 6. She can't control the outcome. Until they are between 8-12 weeks and do selective reduction. If you have ever seen a baby at that stage, they look like babies, with big hearts. I would have a damn hard time telling the DR to kill 1,2,3, keep 4 and 5 and kill 6,7,and 8. It's heartbreaking.

She took a huge risk, but I wouldn't have done it any different. Yes, she is piss poor, but so are half the other mothers that get themselves knocked up, with baby daddies nowhere to be found. We aren't freaking out at all of them.

Poor Nadya, Shit I wouldn't dare leave my house if I were her. She is getting the shit kicked out of her. I feel so bad for her.

I pray for her family daily. I hope she gets the help and money that she needs. We need to rally around her now, and stop attacking.
Anonymous said…
I don't think you're wrong at all. And why is the press buying into her little scheme?
Bee said…
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the doctors who impregnated her should be horse whipped.
Danita said…
I do agree! & i think the dr should pay somehow since he was the one to put all those eggs in her! Why do people not think???
Anonymous said…
Oh I just wanna meet this woman so I can smack her.....
Julie said…
I think I vented pretty well when I posted about this.

She's an idiot. Her doctor should get his license pulled.

And yeah, the uterus is NOT a clown car.
Kristen Andrews said…
it is a crazy thing I just don't get it, and my goodness could u even imagine your stomach being that big!!!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, don't get me started....

I'm ready to go all 'Raising Arizona' on this woman...lol!
Ann's Rants said…
Those PICTURES. Lawdy. My husband has that same spelunking flashlight. You are not alone.
That photo is...I'm speechless (and wishing I hadn't seen it before going to bed). The whole situation makes me sick.
I feel sorry for her kids :(
bernthis said…
Interesting you should say this b/c Billy Bush was on Access Hollywood and made a point at the end of the show that NBC will never pay this woman for her story and is done with her. It's sick and digusting that others are paying her and you are right, opening her legs was her way of getting her 15 minutes and all my fucking tax dollars
3 Bay B Chicks said…
This post is a prime example of why I read your blog, Mary. We think the same.

Seriously...it was like you were reading my thoughts...especially in your last paragraph.

Thank you!


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