Yes, Virginia, We Do Have Igloos in Canada

Today's post will be all about me. That's right, the moment you've all been waiting for. The answers to your many deep, profound and juicy questions about who I really am.

Just who is this mystery woman, you've all been asking yourselves for months now. I know. I've been pretty secretive, pretty quiet. But since my 166th post celebration, I decided to open things up, make things a little more exciting around here, and get some more audience participation.

So, here we go.

Jobthingy asked: What is my favourite food?

Answer: I love most food, except maybe slimy mushrooms that my husband might cook, thinking they're still okay to eat, especially since they're going to be cooked. Who does that? I would have to say, however, that some of my very favourite foods are Chinese food and anything Mexican. Good question, Jobthingy!

Elisabeth Dean cheated a bit and asked a few questions. Not sure what to do with this besides spank her, but I will be generous and answer them all, because that, my wonderful people, is how I roll. They're actually great questions, and I'm glad she asked me as many as she did because otherwise, this would be a very short blog post.

Why did I start blogging?

Answer: Because my friend Pick suggested it as a means of making sense of this life of mine, and as an outlet. And although I hesitated for quite a while, I finally bit the bullet, and started. I used to write for a living, and I've wanted to get back into it for a long time now. God help us all.

Don't I want to visit Florida?

Yes, actually, I do, and have. I've been to Miami and Orlando, as well as Cocoa Beach. I would actually love to live in Florida for half the year, and maybe someday we will...That is a dream of mine. All we need is money. That's all.

How long have I been married?

Mr. Handsome and I have been together 22 years, married 18 of those. We will be celebrating 19 years of marriage this coming August. Amazing, but true.

Did I get my sense of humour from my mom or my dad?

I would have to say from my dad, since my mom was/is a bit psychopathic, and my dad would always play silly and irritating jokes on me, although once I got him back by shortsheeting his bed, but it ended up not working because I forgot that he was a very short man, so he never even noticed.

Is it cold in Canada today?

Nope, although I suppose my answer totally depends on what your definition of "cold" is. Living in Florida, heck yeah, you'd be sobbing if you were here right now. For we rugged Canadians, the weather is actually really really nice, and warming up. I think it went up to 4 C today. What is that in Fahrenheit anyway? Maybe 40 F? Of course, different parts of Canada have different temperatures and different weather conditions as well. Some parts of Canada don't even get any snow all winter long!

Did I want more than 2 kiddos?

Actually, yes. I would have liked one more, but things didn't quite work out that way. Not to mention I probably would have ended up totally disabled had I gone through another pregnancy. It was also a bit scary to even think of having another child after going through all the cancer stuff with Dee.

Blueviolet also asked me a question, although I think it was actually rhetorical. She asked if I actually call myself 'poodle'.

Why, yes, I do! Doesn't everyone?

Quirkyloon then came out with a really good question that I cannot really answer because I don't really know what it means. She asked, Where are all the flowers gone?

I can only think that she means that since I live in cold Canada, flowers are anything but apparent. And she would be so right. Although, I suppose her question could have some deep and profound meaning, of which I do not understand because I am a stupid, stupid person and am anything but profound. But I almost always have good hair, and that counts for a lot.

And then there was CurvyGurl's wonderful question: I've been nominated to single-handedly solve the economic crisis...what would be my first task?

Ummmm, I would probably have to say I would take this task very seriously. And after a lot of thought and care, I would go to all the MAC and Sephora stores (there aren't that many here in Ottawa) and buy up all their product, then I would revive the economy a bit more by buying up all the Cheetos in town, and end with a quick stop at Banana Republic. I think that would make a huge difference.

And then, fellow Canuck Skye asked if I'd ever lied to an American (or several), saying that I live in an igloo and always travel by dogsled.

And my answer to that: Of course.

And maybe it's not a lie. Maybe I do actually live in an igloo, and hitch up my doggies to the old sled to head over to the grocery store. To buy my Cheetos. And my Timmy's coffee.

I've got to keep some things mysterious.


Yaya said…
These are the best interview questions ever!! Love it!
Shana said…
My igloo is melting a bit because it has been so freakin' hot at 4C !!
Eudae-Mamia said…
Ironic, since I've told a Canadian or two that "yes, I do ride a horse to work."

I knew I liked you for a very good reason - Em (in Texas)
hahahahaha.....I can't quit laughing! Those answers are priceless! You really DO need to write a book!
An Igloo and a dog-sled! You're bad Poodle!
Have a great day~
Nice to learn more about you!

When "Young People F*@king" came out, it got huge reviews so I was curious to see it. I thought it was okay.

I liked the threesome the best ... the boyfriend watching was a hoot! "Do this, do that ..."
CurvyGurl ♥ said…
ROFL! Mary, I want to sincerely thank for the abundance of daily laughs :-).
dizzblnd said…
Great questions! If you DO ever come to Florida again.. let me know I live here year rounds
blueviolet said…
Now that was fun! And I guess I'll start calling myself poodle too since I'm apparently the only one who's not doing it yet.
pam said…
We just got a new roof put on our igloo. Hope you are enjoying today. It is gorgeous!!

We don't have dogs, we just snowshoe to Timmys. Great post.
Lisa said…
I love these posts where you get to learn a little here and there about the writer.
~*Jobthingy*~ said…
8° means time to get the stove box out cause our igloos are going.

email me and i will send you an invite.
The Grandpa said…
You are far, far away from being a stupid, stupid person. And very profound indeed. Good hair counts for a lot!

Nice post.
BTW Poodle....that "spanking"?
Hurt so good!
Debbie said…
I love your answers! It was great to learn more about you.
Sarah Lulu said…
I suspect igloo living in Canada is very similar to me actually throwing a boomerang with a message attached instead of emailing ...
bernthis said…
If my igloo had a room temperature of 80 degrees, I would have no trouble living in it.

Florida, I'm afraid of it. I'm thinking spending too much time there I would turn into a Pelican
Lilly said…
Oh that was a great post and I arrived at your blog at the right time to read all about you. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your comment. Sounds like you have been through a lot but have a great sense of humor.
Skye said…
You have passed my "Are you truly a Canuck?" test :D

Nah, I didn't have any doubts about that, but I just had to ask as every Canuck has said that at some point in to or another. It had actually backfired on me once, I had been in New York City back in high-school. (Our school was kinda cool in that every year the grade 12 students got to go on a grad trip). Well, we had a tour guide, and a bunch of us decided to prank him about our dog-sleds, igloo's and no such thing as needing hunting licenses. Turned out our guide was born in Saskatoon and had lived there most of his Oh well, other people on the subway believed our b.s. and kept asking questions about how we liked the heat in New York. Considering this was occuring in May and when we left Manitoba it was 28 degrees Celcius at home and around 10 in New York, we were all wearing jackets not liking the cold and rain. Poor New Yorkers just didn't get that the joke was on them.

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