Prayers Needed

One of the amazing things about the Internet and blogging is that the world becomes your neighbourhood, and everyone in it is a friend.

One of my dear blogger friends in India has just been in a terrible accident. You can read about Braja's accident here and here.

Please send both her and her husband plenty of good wishes, positive vibes and prayers.

Be well, Braja.


Dorsey said…
They'll most definitely be in my thoughts and prayers!
CaJoh said…
My prayers are with you as well. It must be difficult wanting to be close to offer support but cannot be there due to the geographical distance that separates you from your friend.
Sandi said…
Can you believe it? I feel like a family member is the hospital! I am on pins and needles for updates.
dani c said…
Sorry to hear of it..
OMG Mary! I have been following her blog for months too! I had no idea! That is horrible~
My family will certainly add them to our prayers. She is such a funny (and sarcastic like me) lady. I hope she is up and about soon!
Thanks for letting us all know~
Anonymous said…
On my way
Lisa said…
I've been thinking of Braja and her husband and driver - it's a horrible thing to happen. I hope they will all recover.
I'm on it, Mary. This blog "family" is so much more than I ever thought. Most impressive.
Check this out for tomorrow:

And there is a new update on her status here:
Fragrant Liar said…
Yes, this is terrible. Braja, etal is getting lots of cyber support, though, and that has to account for a whole lot of universal good.
3 Bay B Chicks said…
I first learned about Braja's accident on Vodka Mom's site. Wonderful of you to post here as well, Mary.

I will be keeping both Braja and her family in my thoughts.

CurvyGurl ♥ said…
You're right, Mary, we're all family. I'll definitely include Braja in my prayers. Keep us posted.

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