I Hate Viruses And I Hate This Office

Oh lord.

It seems our home computers have been infected with a nasty virus, one so nasty that it frightens me to even speak of it here, for fear it will track me down and slowly strangle me, one thought at a time, a slow and terrible death.

Mr. Handsome's computer started it all. Seems it got sick over the weekend. So, on Sunday, when I was busy going to my third funeral in as many weeks (just call me the Kiss of Death), he took my laptop in an effort to find an answer to his computer's ills.

Then, he did something that doesn't make much sense to me, but somehow, the USB key that he used to download something from my laptop on to his very ill computer then transferred the ugly virus disease back onto my laptop...

So now, here we are.

I'm very very sad. I know not what to do. Heck, I can't even access my email, not to mention any of the porn sites.

Mr. Handsome's computer now works a bit, but my laptop is at the moment just a sad lump of metal, a sad and lonely metallic component that can do nothing. It justs sits there, looking up at me forlornly, begging for something, anything, just a little love.

I sit here now, in the office, using Mr. Handsome's computer, hoping it doesn't crash before I can post this. I hate this office. I hate this computer. It's so freakin' cold in here, my fingers and toes are blue. And did I say I hate this office?

So, all this to say that my posts may be a bit erratic for the next while. Please send prayers and soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies.


Important Update!

I can now sometimes access my blog, my wonderful Internet friends, and as you can see, I can even update my posts! Are we possibly overcoming this nasty nasty virus after all?

Stay tuned.


CaJoh said…
Boy, even computers are getting sick this year. Hope your computer gets well soon.
Anonymous said…
Mary I feel your pain.

My computer blew up in December 2008 due to a loverly virus.

It royally sucked.

So I hope yours gets better soon...real soon!
A. K. said…
Why don't you take your to a doctor.. I mean a software guy.. or may be buy an anti virus.. Oh god what is happening to this world.... Isn't there anything that's totally safe!
Martha H. said…
Viruses suck rocks!

Yet one of the many reasons why I have a mac.

Hope you get it fixed soon.
Skye said…
Man, I hate when that happens! All the best in turning your overly expensive paperweight back into a computer :)
Bon Don said…
Oh no!! Sorry about your computer infection, get well soon!
Beth said…
It is my secret, burning wish to torture creators of computer viruses. I can't give you all the details but it would involve rope, duct tape, tweezers, and slugs.

Hope the computers get well soon.
well I hope your puter is on its way to feeling waaaay better!!!!
Debbie said…
Oh, I share your hatred of computer viruses. I do hope yours is better soon.

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