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I have nothing for you today, folks. I apologize profusely, from the bottom of my cold and lifeless stone heart. No blogging fodder, no brilliant and hilariously funny or amazingly in-depth stories, no family adventures. Nothing. Nada. I have finally failed you.

So, instead, I thought I'd do one of those link posts that people do that I almost never do but should probably do because that's what's done in this world of The Blog, and if I'm not a follower, I'm a ham sandwich on white bread. Or, for you vegetarians out there, a salad of iceberg lettuce.

Hey, maybe I could do this more than once! Have sort of a continuing saga post whereby I feature a few of my fave blogs every Saturday, or whenever my brain is only functioning at the level of a newborn chimp, which would probably mean pretty much every single day...

Today's excuse: I took codeine and lots of extra strength Tylenol last night because my whole body hurts, and then I slept longer than I had wanted, and when I finally got up, my eyes were burning and tears were streaming down my cheeks, I had one of those tunnels on my cheeks about 2 inches deep from sleeping too long on one side, and when I finally made it downstairs, the dog started sniffing my nethers.

Check back for some more reviews too. I have quite a few to catch up on, and plan on doing so this weekend. Who knows? You might just find that one thing to make your life complete!

Anyway, here we go. Enjoy, and please visit these sites. They are all different, unique, and wonderful in their very own way.

Bon Don is great.
Who Thows a Cupcake? Honestly. is one of the first blogs I visited in my early blog reading days, and I've been a fan ever since. She's funny, she's deep, and she binge drinks! Need I say more?

Julie over at
47 And Starting Over is a Realtor with an attitude. Great sense of humour, sometimes offensive (but always in a good way), and starting to date! How much more fun could that be?

Matthew over at A
Crown of Thistles is definitely worth a look. His posts are hilarious, timely and oh-so-informative, and always entertaining. Check this dude out if you want to smile.

And then we have
April Jarocka, one of the best artists I've ever had the honour to meet in the online world. This talented woman lives in Ireland, and her work is beyond anything I could describe. Please check her out.

And now I am going to go take another codeine, make myself a chocolate martini, and have my children finish up all the chores that need doing around this hell hole I call my home. Good night. Oh, wait. It's only 1 p.m., you say? What's your point?


I hope you feel better today
KatieSaysSo said…
lol you crack me up! ;)

Hope you start feeling better and your pain gets better girl! Get some rest!!!!
Jane Doe said…
Hope you feel better soon!
can I join you for a martini?
Eric said…
I found 47 and starting over a few weeks ago, and have dutifully added it to my RSS reader (just like your blog)
Kim said…
You cracked me up today! Thanks for the links to these great bloggers!
Anonymous said…
I have those days all the time when there's just nothing there. Absolutely nothing. I hope you feel better soon!
I will def check out those blogs. I love finding new & fun lives to butt into!

I sure hope you feel better soon~

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