Bunny Attack

This cute little bunny was sitting on our front lawn yesterday. We named him Harry. As you can see, he is excellent in the art of camouflage.

He must have sat like that, staring at our window, for a good half hour. I thought he might be stuck to some dog poop or chewing gum, but he eventually skittered away.

We have a relatively high number of the little critters in our neighbourhood, considering we live in the middle of a pretty large city. We also have a large assortment of raccoons and skunks, but they're not as cute (just my opinion -- don't want to be ruffling any feathers here!).

Gryphon was very interested in Harry's presence. It was very tempting to let him out to see what he'd do once face-to-face with the little furball, but even we're not that mean.

(photos courtesy of Dee)

A short little anecdote: Harry reminded me of a time many years ago, when Em was just a little imp, and I was trying to get her to remember important things like our phone number and address, just in case she decided to hike it one day while I was still in bed, picking my nose and oblivious to all around me.

Em was either having an honest-to-goodness tough time memorizing these details, or she was just being difficult. Knowing what I know now, I'm opting for Door Number 2.

Anyway, I came up with this awesome and amazing idea that should probably go down in the annals of wonderful parenting: I thought I would come up with a story involving a cute little bunny named Harold who lived in the bushes in front of our house. And, as I would tell Em the story EVERY SINGLE DAY, I would reiterate that Harold's address was blahblahblah, and his phone number was xxx-xxxx (he would use our phone since he didn't have one of his own). And he had a friend, Flower, who lived at Grandma's across the street, and on and on it went. Every night, I'd have a new adventure to add to the story. And every night, I would start it out the same way, so that I was stating our address, phone number, etc. at least twice each day. Before long, Em knew it all. And I was never a prouder mother.

And it went downhill from there.
By the way, on a completely other tangent, can anyone please explain to me the whole Entrecard issue that seems to have everyone's knickers in a knot? Although I was a gifted student, I cannot for the life of me understand what's happening? What are these damned changes, and what am I supposed to feel? Anyone? Anyone?


Wow! Great camouflage! It took me a while to pick him out.
Beth said…
I thought you were going to tell us a haunting tale of a bunny who attacked you guys. I was scared for you because those little guys can kick the crap out of you.

You DID do a good job teaching your daughter her address and phone number. I was never that clever. I think I threatened tattoos (but before tattoos were cool).
dizzblnd said…
little bunny foo foo is so damn cute!

You are brilliant for story telling to get your baby to remember those important numbers and things. Hopefully she never had to use them, but at least she wa prepared.

You ought to write that story down, get it published in a parenting magazine to get other parents to see it can be done easier than drilling it into them the hard way!
Debbie said…
It does sound like a great idea for a story.
Our neighborhood is overrun with rabbits too.
Cathy Winsby said…
That is a fabulous idea!! Wish I had thought of that when my kids were young. I'll keep that in mind in case any grandkids come along.


PS....It's downhill at some point for all parents I think....I'm told it goes up again but I'll reserve my opinion on that until I actually see it happen! :)
Kathy said…
That's a great way to teach. I'd probably forget the story after a couple of days. I just had GPSes implanted in their tushes.
Tina said…
i couldnt see him at first! he hid well!

that is good to teach kids the address as you just never know when it may really be needed
mo.stoneskin said…
I don't reckon it is a bunny, I reckon it is just a bunny shape in the dirt and leaves.
Yaya said…
That's cute! We always name the critters that come in our yard too! And that's a very creative story you created.
Teena: Thank you! Thank you very much!

Beth: Well, I'm sure were I to have the courage to step outside, Harry would've kicked the crap outta me. He had major haunches.

Dizzblnd: Good idea! I just may do that that!

Debbie: Thanks! Yeah, you'd think the bunnies would have their own neighbourhood...

Cathy: I'll let you know too...I don't think the uphill will be happening anytime soon though.

Kathy: Good idea, the GPS. Unfortunately, they didn't have those when my kiddies were young. But I might still do that...

Tina: Yeah, he's a good hider, that bunny!

Mo: You're nuts.

Yaya: Thanks! That story went on and on and on, until one day I couldn't take it anymore...
raino said…
i almost missed him!
Loved this post. Cool blog ya got goin' here! I'll be back :)

Marvin D Wilson
blueviolet said…
He sat there for a half an hour? I wonder what goes through a bunny head to keep him in one spot so long.

I'm going to email you the letter from EC explaining all the changes. Then you'll know what's knotting up the knickers. :)
Maybe Harry is the EASTER BUNNY!
So cute! And obviously not scared a bit!

That WAS pretty clever of you, with that story and all! I wonder if it would work on my 15 year old if I told her a story every night about Beatrice the Bassett Hound that cleaned her room every day!
Probably not~ hmmmmmmm
Have a great week!
We get those camouflage bunnies in our yard quite often...usually I get startled by them instead of the other way around...LOL!! ;)

Love the idea of a story to incorporate your address and all - poor Princess Nagger didn't get anything fun like that, I just kept repeating our info and making her repeat it back over and over...you ROCK! :)
Grace said…
I'll take your word that there is a bunny in that pic...
kel said…
I love the story idea!! That's a great idea!!
CaJoh said…
We live in the middle of the city and we have an overabundance of rabbits as well.

Very clever idea. I don't remember how my parents taught me those things, but that may come in handy with the grandchildren.

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