Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Toronto was a blast.

Dee and I did a Mommy and Son Travelling Team and booted it down there last week for a couple of days with my nephew, sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

We met Em there, who had travelled down on her own at the beginning of last week by train. I don't know about you, but I would never have been able to take a train, bus or wagon on my own at the tender age of 14. And she's been doing it since she was 12!

So, I thought it would be so nice and thoughtful of me to post some photos of our voyage, because I'm sure you've all been waiting with bated breath for the images.

Remember, my camera sucks. I am trying to save money to get a really nice one, but at this rate , I'll be six feet under before that happens. Oh well.

Here goes:

This is my nephew, Oscar. Oscar, meet the world. He's pretty damn cute, wouldn't you say? Yes, those are really his cheeks. No fillers. No Botox.

Here, he's looking lovingly into my eyes, as most people do when they first see me. Actually, I think he was about to hurl.

This is some very cool graffiti we saw on our way to Danforth Ave., the really happenin' place for really cool people. My children made fun of me as I took this picture, but I told them, "What the hell do you know, people?! This is art!" I apologize for the swear words that I didn't notice until now.

This is Dee watching Oscar as he poops his pants. Every three days, right on schedule.

Em, probably telling me to stop taking pictures of her, or to hurry the f*ck up because it was freakin' cold. Notice Dee in the background, watching a toothless homeless person jiggle a Timmy's cup and play a harmonica.

And here's Dee, after taking a whiff from the sewer grate behind him.

I love Toronto.


dizzblnd said…
LMAO at the explanations of the pics. Your nephew IS adorable!

I am glad you had a great time
Megryansmom said…
Good Morning, saw your comment yesterday at Francesca's and now I'm curious...what was your long and difficult to pronounce Polish last name?
♥georgie♥ said…
Mary how 100% adorable is Oscar!!! Em is a beautiful girl and she took the train by herself-WOW! and Dee is a handsome young have a lovely family!
Rachel said…
Aaaaahhh... I miss Toronto. And pooping my pants every three days.
Michel said…
OMG that is one cute baby!
Look pretty sunny out there.
Anonymous said…
I actually do love Toronto too! I took the train there last time we went. Oscar is scrumptious!
Lana said…
I have only been at the airport in Toronto, then a quick escape to Cambridge/Guelph area. I so wanted to see the CN tower.

What a sweet little baby! Can I pinch those cheeks? ;)
pam said…
The culture of the big city. Oscar is adorable.

I have been thinking of sending my daughter on the train to visit my brother in Kingston. The only thing that stops me is the transfer in Toronto.
ModernMom said…
Love the pictures. I too would have been taking shots of the graffiti. Super idea!
And I love Toronto! That's why I live here :)
Crazy Mo said…
Glad you had a good time in our fair city. Couldn't help but wonder who was pooping every three days ... Oscar or Dee? Does Dee need to be singing I'm a Big Boy Now more often?

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