Bits Of This And That, And Even More Complaining

My computer is still pretty much on the fritz, so I thought I'd try and post if I could, and if I can't, then so be it...

Mr. Handsome keeps working and working on his, trying to figure out what to do to save our computers from a long and sad death. I'm thinking to just ship the two computers to the service repairpeople who do this kind of debugging stuff for a living, and let them figure it out. Well worth the money, I should think. But hey, what do I know really, in the grand scheme of all things important and worthy of knowing? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I do, however, know that having a laptop that does not work properly makes this Blogging Goddess right ornery and quite awful to live with. I can barely stand myself, it's that bad. I've been gritting my teeth all day long, and couldn't even focus long enough to do a load of laundry.

Luckily, I am on my way to Toronto on Thursday with Dee to meet up with Em and my sister-in-law and her little 6-month-old bundle of wiggles, Oscar. So Mr. Handsome won't have to put up with my nasty words of derision for much longer. We're leaving Thursday and coming back Saturday or Sunday, depending on how things go.

This computer virus has made me even more paranoid than I normally am. I am continually looking behind my shoulder, or trying to type as fast as I can so that I can ensure that I get as much done as possible before my laptop implodes upon itself, sending shards of glass and metal all over my lap and into Gryphon's curly hair.

I almost feel as paranoid as I did after 9/11, when I started looking suspiciously at anyone and everyone. I also watched airplanes like a hawk, which made me trip a lot on my walks.

And it's no wonder, the things Mr. Handsome has been telling me. He told me last night at dinner that there is an actual person watching my every move while I'm on this laptop. He told me this wacko is sitting there, and who knows what he might do to my blog, or my emails, and that he now knows all my passwords, and probably my bra size too.

And I believe him.

Because Mr. Handsome doesn't lie.

I had so many things to talk about with everyone this week, and I don't feel I can now, because this virus has taken over, not only my computer, but my life. I'm suffering, people. Just suffering. It's more than a person should have to bear.

I'm hoping I can tell you all about my trip to Toronto, as it happens. And I hope to have photos to post of the little Oscar munchkin and my kiddies. And I'm hoping when we return, Mr. Handsome will have this whole thing settled, and I can once again be the calm and rational person I usually am. Calm and rational. Yes. That's me. Always.


Anonymous said…
I hope you get rid of that nasty virus ASAP!
CaJoh said…
Perhaps you can use this time to collect your thoughts and sketch out interesting posts to post when you get your computer back.
Bon Don said…
I felt stressed out while reading this post!! :)

... I hope everything is back to normal soon!
Soxy Deb said…
I hate computer viruses and ther "repair" people who think they know what they're doing.

Have fun in Toronto!!
♥Trina♥ said…
Computers...can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. LOL

It really stinks when computers are on the fritz. My laptops are both technically not mine--they are property of the school, so when one of them is acting up, I zap a quick email to our IT guy. The desktop computer, though, would immediately be taken to the Geek Squad. :)
Do you know which virus your computer was infected with? If so you can probably clean it yourself.
Kathy said…
I want an IT guy.

I feel for you. When I can't get on my computer, I get antsy, too. I've tried writing (in a cute red suede notebook), but it's not the same. And my handwriting stinks these days.

I hope things get better. I enjoy your blog.
Lisa said…
Wow - that is just so creepy. I always assume that I'm living my life in a fishbowl, but I hate having it confirmed.
Chatabox Girl said…
I blame it on the weather. My computer has a virus, and wont let me access the internet sometimes... not to mention that it screws my google searches up

And my brand spanking new laptop is also having the same problem! I now blame it on maybe the websites I visit, but they are all google based. (Blogger, gmail ect ect)

So... Lets blame google huh?

*Mutters quietly about the dam internet and stupid waste of time viruses*

Yep... Still annoyed at the computer.

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