It's A Sucky Day In The Neighbourhood

St. Patrick's Day. The day of celebratory drinking for a little Irish saint who did something.

I'm not in the mood to celebrate, so I decided not to even wear any green, let alone have green beer. I'm in a foul mood, though, if that matters. I think my underwear (Day 4!!) may have a bit of green in it, though. Does that count? Sure it does. Dee just reminded me that I have green eyes, so I think I'm good. Not that I care.

This computer stuff is just making me crazy. I didn't realize how attached I was to my computer, to my Internet, my blog, my friends, my world. I think it's a problem, actually. Mr. Handsome has actually told me more than once since I started last October. But I just think he's jealous, because he knows he could never rise to the occasion, even if he wanted to. Which he secretly does. He just doesn't know it.

I spent the better part of today wandering the streets with Dee. It's March Break, don't you know, and the kids have the week off school. Yippee. Can you hear my happiness? I thought so. I am so cranky right now, I feel bad for Dee. He's just being an 11-year-old boy, but it's too much for me. Too much. My fingers are twitching, I'm so uptight.

Thank god Em is in Toronto visiting her aunt and baby cousin Oscar for a few days. If she were here, I think I would be running naked down the street toward the mental health centre.

We went to Cora's for a nice brunch, because I haven't done anything like that with Dee for what seems like forever. And I could not enjoy myself. Everything annoyed me. Can you say Xanax please?

Then, after I was adequately annoyed at Cora's after having to choose something else to eat because they no longer serve blintzes, which is something I have been craving for a year now, we went to the watch repair shop next to Sears because my solar-powered Citizen watch is on the fritz. This watch is very special to me. Mr. Handsome bought it for me many years ago, and it has a gorgeous mother of pearl face and runs on light. Very cool. But light doesn't seem to be doing much for it any longer, so I decided to bring it in because I. need. my. watch. And the little Chinese guy at the watch repair shop coughed phlegm in my face (let's just say the guy needed to be in a hospital somewhere, not in a watch repair shop serving people) as he told me it would cost $150 to get the sucker fixed. Great.

Meanwhile, Dee is getting antsy, which just makes me more annoyed. Not a good combination.

We then headed for the public library, because I thought I would do the good motherly thing and get Dee to take out some books to read over the March Break, to keep his little mind in good working order. We get to the self check-out, and apparently my borrowing has been barred, as they so eloquently put it. So I ask the man behind the desk what gives, and he says, "Oh, it seems you owe a bit of money." Which I already knew, because I went through a little phase last fall and early winter where I couldn't keep track of the littlest thing, let alone all the Photoshop books I took out to try and learn the damn program (I'm still working on that).

And guess what? I owed $84. That's right. I do not know how, but it's true. And now, Mr. Handsome is going to throttle me and ban me from the library forevermore, because he is going to read this and find out. I'm sorry, dear.

Let's just say, I don't blame him. I won't be taking out more than one book at a time from here on out. Lesson learned.

Then, I decided we needed to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things because, apparently, spending $250 last week just wasn't enough to keep this family of four going for more than a few days. And, of course, the store was full of little old ladies, and people with 310 children who didn't know how to keep them under control, and other people who forgot that there are other humans in the store as well, so they'd park their carts in the middle of the aisle, and chat, or fart, or whatever. It doesn't really matter what they were doing because all that mattered was that they were blocking the entire aisle, and I was about to scream bloody murder and throw cantaloupes at their heads and hope someone would call 9-1-1 so that I could at least get an escort out of the damn place.

Meanwhile, Dee is tired, annoyed, and thirsty, and when Dee gets thirsty, watch out. He becomes very nasty when his tongue is parched. When he needs a drink, he needs it now. I think it has something to do with the fact that he only has one functioning kidney (thanks, cancer), because he's almost never this frustrating, except when he needs a drink. Of course, he never remembers to bring one with him when we're heading out.

Now we're home, and Hoodwinked is playing for the second time in the last 24 hours, because Dee loves this movie, and I found it funny yesterday, but today, not so much.

And, you know what else, just to make the day complete? My hair. My hair is a damn mess. It sucks the big one. I look awful, and it's all frizzy, and I hate it.

And did I tell you my computer isn't working properly?


Beth said…
It sounds like you might NEED some green beer. It'll get better.
pam said…
Wow, I would be upset with the library fines too!! I hope tomorrow is a better day! (although, I think it is going to rain)
One hates the horror of frizzy hair!
Dorsey said…
How about a kamikaze or margarita instead? Those might help more...Good luck turning the day around. I know how you feel though. I'm wondering if sitting near-naked on green sheets and bedspread counts enough?
3 Bay B Chicks said…
I am sorry to read about your troubles, Mary. Look on the bright side, though, $84 dollars at the library has got to be some type of record. You are probably famous now.

Stupid St. Patrick and his stupid snakes!
I hope your day gets better
I thought mine was bad....yours was worse~
Come see me........
Martha H. said…
Hang in there! I hate it when I have days where everything grates on my last nerve. Let's hope tomorrow is better.
Anonymous said…
Tomorrow is bound to be a better day!!! Really!
Kristen Andrews said…
go ahead it isn't to late tohave green beer
I haven't been to the library in 10 years. I think I forgot to return 1 or 2 (ok, so it was more like 15) books. Think they still have that on record?? lol
Running mommy said…
Sounds like an awful day! Hope this day is going to be better!

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