Iraq Is Dead

I just finished telling Gryphon he had breath that could kill all of Iraq and that he needed some breath mints badly.

The dog then belched at me and walked away.

As usual, I lose.


He's so darn cute that his cuteness overrides the breath issue! Hahaha! I can say that since I'm separated from the actual breath waft by a computer screen.
septembermom said…
I'm glad that I stopped by after visiting Kim's blog! That picture is priceless. Such a funny line about the dog belching :) He got in the last "word".
Lana said…
You know when you have had a really crappy week, and to top off the week you have an exceptionally emotional day? Then you cry because you're so friggin overwhelemed? Then you come to a post like this and laugh your a$$ off? Thank you. I sooo needed that. Very funny!!
He doesn't LOOK at all like he could have bad breath!

My ADHD pug has trouble staying out of the litter box when she wants a snack....that THAT breath could really kill Iraq!

I love that he burped and walked he by any chance a teenager in dog years?

Glad you found something to blog about~ we all needed a laugh!
phd in yogurtry said…
That is the most adorable dog, belching or no.
KatieSaysSo said…
Oh my goodness he is so dang cute though!!!! I am in love with him!!!!! haha!!
Kristen Andrews said…
that is just too funny! I bet my greyhound has worse breath and to top it off, he has been farting us out of the living room all night!
Minka said…
Great pic, a cute post... but... where's the "follow"link?
Scary Mommy said…
LOL, he sounds like a man.
Shana said…
Oh, my God, you are funny!!
Well, your dog is funny too!!!!!!

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