And Where Did He Learn This?

Outside the window, a family of three slowly walks by: a dad, very pregnant mom, and their 3-year-old boy.

Me: Oh, look! It's Matthew and his parents. Look how big his mom is getting. She should be having that baby soon.

Dee, sitting beside me: OH MY GOD!!

Me: What?!

Dee: She's HUGE!!

Me: Well, she's going to have her baby soon.

Dee: Again?! (Pause) Those guys sure must have a lot of sex!


Very good, trust children to come out with something.

Kathy said…
I snorted my coffee. At least the window was closed... wasn't it?
darsden said…
LOL out of the mouths of babe's LOL
Hahahaaaa! Delightful. :)
Gaston Studio said…
Out of the mouth of babes!!!

Left you something on my post today.
Southern Sage said…
well Dee is right, right?!
So much for the stork!
♥Trina♥ said…
hahaha It sounds like it may be time for Mr. Handsome to have "the talk."
I remember thinking my parents did it 3 times cause there were 3 of us.
Quirkyloon said…

Loved it. Those are the moments that make parenting worth all the crap!

heh heh
Seems like an obvious conclusion LMAO
True that! I have four children (been pregnant 5 times). What does that say about me? :)
Minka said…
Lucky you - so few things to explain!
sherry lee said…
I think this falls under the category of "calling it as you see it"!!!
♥ Braja said…
Mouths of babes, surely the funniest comedy garage :)
Lisa said…
Sounds like Dee's been hanging out with my kids. When I got pregnant with The Actor, the 4 year old Dancer told her daddy that he should've been wearing a condom. I guess she'd been paying attention to all that early 90's safe sex talk.

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