Happy Season

Spring has sprung in our lovely city. One of my favourite times of the year, besides Happy Hour.

One of our first tulips in our front yard. Most neighbours' flowers have been up for awhile. Our tulips are developmentally challenged.

I'll be heading to the Canada Tulip Festival soon, I'm thinking. Because their tulips are amazing.

Not sure what these are. Daisies, perhaps? Any garden gnomes out there have any ideas? Anyone? Buehler?

The muted, hazy colours caught my eye as I walked Gryphon at the local dog park. Of course, he was too busy sniffing another dog's crotch at the time to notice and share in the joy with me.

Bloom bokeh.

Dogwood blossoms in my front yard. Awesomeness.

This dogwood bush used to be huge. Now it is a mere ragged bush. This is what happens when you ask Mr. Handsome to trim the bushes.

Tree seeds. When I took this picture, I didn't notice the little purple dots. I love my camera.

A flaming yellow bush at the Experimental Farm, our farm in the middle of the city.

Out of death comes new life.

These trees glowed, beckoning me. Unfortunately, I don't do water.

Can you tell I love spring?


Wonderful pictures. I too am a Spring lover - all the life springing forth. Fall is my other favorite season. Kind of a toss up. :)
mo.stoneskin said…
I had no idea there were such things as tulip festivals! But that is a nice tulip, it has to be said.
Gaston Studio said…
Great photos; my favorite is the last one, the trees do look like they're glowing. I love spring too!
AWESOME Spring pics!!!!! And yes I do believe those look like daisies!!! OK IM off to check out your pics again!!!!!
Em said…
Oh thanks for this!!! Simply gorgeous.

The daisies? I think are actually a type of mum. The yellow flowers are a forsythia bush - mine bloomed back in February - don't hate me - it's going to be 90 degrees here today with a humidity index of over 100.


I'm melting.......
Sarah Lulu said…
Lovely photos Mary and yes I can tell you like Spring.

Autumn here and I love that too!
darsden said…
Beautiful pictures Mary, I love them. Glad you took us on a walk with you. I love looking through a camera lense where people live. We skipped spring and went to summer around here temperture wise! Have a wonderul day.
~*Jobthingy*~ said…
those pics are great!

i love spring also.

alex (from im the mom )is coming down this weekend and i am going to take her to the tulip festival saturday.. ill be taking lots of pics there.
Soxy Deb said…
The flaming yellow bush? I would love to see that in my front yard in the mornings. It's gorgeous!
♥Trina♥ said…
While I am definitely a summer gal, I love the spring. It is such a reminder that life goes on. The flowers, the leaves, the fresh smells...I love it!!!

Great pictures, too!
♥ Braja said…
What spectacular photos, Mary...
The Greying One said…
Spring's great in the capital and there's so many great spots for pics. Nice shots.
melissa said…
gorgeous pictures!!!
how are you feeling?
Lauren said…
Spring? You've got Spring. Man o man I totally blame Canada for stealing Spring!
Lisa said…
Gorgeous. Your seasons come later than ours so those forsythias and dogwoods are already out of bloom and leafed out. Sigh. This was a nice re-visit to early spring.
Deb said…
yes! i can tell and you make me love it more, too. beautiful pictures. you've really captured the 'new life' aspect of the season.
I LOVE this time of year. I'm a warm weather gal (lack of padding I guess), but summertime is just TOO hot! By July, I have all the tan I want or need and I'm ready for the perfect, mild temps that Spring brings!
THe pictures are beautiful. I've got to get my flowers planted soon!
Have a wonderful day~
pam said…
Your spring pictures are gorgeous. You have a great camera, and great camera skills.
Wow! Has it ever sprung!

It seems like our trees are getting greener every day. I'm soooo happy to see it!

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