Pure Joy

This weekend, I get to babysit this

and snuggle with this

and cuddle with this

and kiss and hug and play smooshy face with this

My little nephew. My only nephew. Gotta love the little bugger.
It's going to be an awesome weekend.


What a sweet little thing! Enjoy!
Yaya said…

Umm..I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to feed them an entire giant tub of yogurt at once.... ;)
Gaston Studio said…
He's adorable; you'll have a wonderful weekend.
sherry lee said…
Looks like a case of give him the yogurt and no one gets hurt!! He's so cute and the cheeks cry out to be squeezed...gotta love them when they are this age when everything is a new discovery. Have a wonderful time!!!
Lauren said…
Oh the giggles looking at this post. Just adorable!
Have a lovely time, what a gorgeous baby, hard work but so rewarding.

erin said…
You're a great aunt! I can never find a babysitter for my ultra adorable baby son...I bet you could handle both this weekend!
Shana said…
Have a great weekend.
Me-Me King said…
I know exactly what you mean. I have a grandson that just turned 2 and has yet to begin his fight for independence. Snuggle*kiss*hug*snuggle*kiss*hug.
Lisa said…
Sweet!What a cutie! Enjoy!
aw hes so cute!!!! Sounds like a fun week-end makes me miss my nephew!!!!
darsden said…
awe how sweet..I leave in a lil over a week to go see all my babies too. Can't wait, 2,3,and 5 get to spend a week with them. Enjoy yours :-)
DouglasDyer said…
If you wanted to hang with someone bald and toothless I could have totally hooked you up with my Uncle Leo.
Michel said…
omg!! he is adorable!!
awwwwwwwww.......that's how I feel when my grandson is here!
Have a wonderful time with him....little boys are so much fun. I thought I enjoyed having my girls, until I had my grandson!
Don Mills Diva said…
That's pure joy alright - just want to squish him.
LiLu said…
Oh my goodness... I am DEAD on account of the kyoot! So jealous!

Have a wonderful weekend, you two!
Stesha said…
And this was too cute!

Hugs and Mocha,
otin said…
LOL! there is a fine line between cute and out of control! HAHA!!!
raino said…
funny. you sound just like me when i get a chance to babysit my little bugger of a neice and nephew ! its so good, especially when they aren't yours...ah.
Maggie May said…
he is a living doll!
hahahah great great....
So so soooooo cute. Makes me wanna get knocked up again.

(Is it just a weird coincidence that the word verification was mencock? Do do do doooo.)

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