Cravin' For A Beaver Tail, Or, How I Became a Canadian Blogger

Blogging has been somewhat of a saviour in this life of mine. I started late last October, and I soon found myself addicted, needing my "fix" of blog writing everyday as much as I need my supersized bag of Cheetos beside my bed.

I live in Canada's capital, and a wonderful place it is. Most of the blogs I follow are written by my American friends. It doesn't seem like the blogosphere has hit Canada in the same way, although I could be very wrong. I am still pretty new to all this. Maybe it's just that we up here in the North are just too busy trying to keep warm, and our fingers just can't type as fast. Or maybe it's because most of us don't yet have electricity or running water... Just kidding, for god's sake. I have a running heater in my igloo that keeps things pretty toasty.

Anyway, as I was looking around for some Canadian blogs, I happened upon
Canada Blog Friends. This isn't just your everyday blog. In fact, this blog exists to highlight other Canadian blogs, and to bring these awesome blogs to the forefront.

And looky here! They've actually taken the time and energy to talk about little old me! I am honoured, amazed, and feel kind of funny about it all, because I'm not one to like the spotlight on me (you can stop laughing).

Please head over to Canada Blog Friends and check out what they say and do. And please leave a little comment love for me while you're at it, if you don't mind. I'm feeling a little deflated these days, what with having to possibly shower more than once a week if I actually get one of these jobs I've been interviewing for, and what with having the wonderful endoscopy/colonoscopy procedure to look forward to.

Thanks to Rob Campbell too, for liking me and my blog enough to actually give me the time of day. You rock, Rob!

I need to go clean a drool spot off my blazer sleeve now, in preparation for my next interview. Tata for now!


You are too funny Mary........
And by the way if you wear enough Jean Nate you can get away with a shower every 2-3 days. At least that's what one of my former co-worker's used to tell me before she got fired........

Steady On
Reggie Girl
Congratulations on the SHOUT OUT! I'm heading out to work right now, but I will read all about you when I get home. I'm not surprised you were "discovered", you're freakin' HILARIOUS!!! I start each day seeing what you and NIKKI are up to!
Make it a great day Mary~
Yes Canada - brrrrr, a frozen hostile wasteland. I can remember my years as a young man, struggling to stay alive against the elements. Me and my friend, Nan-Tuk, would burrow through the ice to catch a fish ... just to survive!

LOL. Fun post, Mary. I have quite a few Canadian readers at Free Spirit, and know several blogger buddies from y'all's wonderful country.

Is Toronto the capital? I should know that, but have forgotten at some point. Anyway, Toronto is my all time favorite big city. Love going there.

I'll check out that link. Have a great day - try and not freeze to death up there! :)
pam said…
Wow! That is awesome. You are right, it seems hard to find Canadian blogs. Must be those frozen fingers:) I am heading over to check this out.

Have a great day!
~*Jobthingy*~ said…
congrats darl.

im going to check it out :)
CaJoh said…
It's nice to know that you are being recognized. I think I have a similar reasoning to write… I just want to empty my head since so many ideas have been floating around in it.

Nooter said…
you have an igloo? that is soo cool! can only imagine what life would be like if i could live inside our refrigerator...
Hi me again. Just wanted to give you a heads-up - I'm shouting your blog out on Free Spirit tomorrow. :)
Zhu said…
I thought I was the only blogger in Ottawa, glad to see we are two now ;-)
Lauren said…
Mary, you found me but I'm so glad. I really enjoy your writing style and hope you'll continue for a long time. Now back to your Igloo...LMAO.
Marinka said…
Very cool! (It's in English, right?)
Thinkinfyou said…
Congrats to you,Mary!! You are sooo deserving. Oh,and good luck with the colonoscopy too!!
Southern Sage said…
I hit it up and commented!
Thats way cool.
I have several Canadiacs on my roll if you wanna know em let me know and I'll point you to them!
Kristen Andrews said…
congrats on the shout out is right!

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