I'm A Contendah

It's been a bit of a crazy few days, what with Mother's Day, exams and job interviews coming out my ears.

The weekend began with a sad message from Mr. Handsome's sister, who told us their beloved dog, Laker, had passed away. He was 12 years old, a pretty German Shepherd, and apparently his stomach had somehow inverted and he died. So sad. He was getting old, but it's always very sad when your pet passes away. We'd spent many holidays and long weekends with Laker, and we're going to miss him, especially Gryphon, who loved his cousin and still expects to see him. The cottage, where he spent all his summers, and the lake, after whom he was named, will miss him too.

I had multiple government exams all day Saturday, which isn't really the way anyone wants to spend a Saturday, as you could tell by the grimaces and groans as person upon person filed in, like cattle. I was so flustered that I left my insulated coffee cup on top of the car, and my cell phone at home, and that's after remembering to make sure I took it with me. That is how my day began.

The rest of the day was better, although some of the exams were damn difficult. At one point, I'm sure I uttered, "For Christ's sake," out loud more than once, because really, how many times can a person be asked to figure out which day falls before the third week of the tenth month after the second month with three holidays, which does not have either a "I" or a "U" in it? Yeah, exactly. Really. As if that would ever be anywhere in the realm of what I'd really be doing in the job. And if it was, I wouldn't last too long. My point being, why bother ...

My French language testing back in April apparently went well. I got my results, and received the equivalent of an A. Not so shabby (I just said that with a hard Jewish accent), especially with a raging migraine and nausea on board when I had taken the damn exam.

And then, I just had an interview on Monday for a real live job, and you know what, guys? I have a really good feeling about it. I should know today or tomorrow whether or not I am the lucky recipient of a regular cheque for the foreseeable future. I can see myself now, at my little cubicle, with my little coffeemaker in the corner, coffee percolating in the morning as I work away like a little busy bee. I'm quite excited about the prospect, and very nervous about the Big Unknown.

I have another interview today for a part-time, lesser-paying job, but a job all the same. As I tell myself all the time, "Poodle," I say, "it's not over 'til the fat lady sings." Whatever that means. Does anyone know? Because I'd really like to know.

And then, as if Simon Cowell looked down on me and proclaimed me to be the next world singing sensation (I've been hearing angels with heavy British accents singing to me all week), I got two more interviews this week! Who knew?! All four of the interviews this week are for medical establishments, which blows me away because I have no medical experience. Well, not professionally anyway.

Maybe these guys are all psychic, and know that I have visited pretty much every single hospital department there is, and even some that don't exist (except in my head). I am so well versed in all things medical, in fact, that I could probably cut someone open, take out their spleen, replace it with a homemade baggy filled with red gel, and close 'er up, and the patient would never know the difference.

You could say I'm an anomaly, in any sense of the word.

Anyway, like I said, crazy week, lots of schtuff to swill around in my mouth before I spit out something that makes some sense.


Soooooo exciting! All these job interviews....all these people that want YOU! I hope you get offered ALL of them and just have to decide which ONE you want and call the others and say "Thank you, but I got a better offer". GOOD FOR YOU!!!

I'm sorry about your nephew-pup. It is always so difficult to lose a pet. I lost my french bulldog, Lacy on October 2, 2008. It will ALWAYS be a black day! It's been over 7 months, but I think I still cry over her every day. Delilah and Joe Cocker are trying very hard to ease my pain, but nothing can replace my Lacy~
I hope you have a wonderful day! It is pouring rain down South, so I guess I will being cleaning INSIDE today~
Anonymous said…
I hope you're storing these diary entry style posts. Not everyone can make for interesting reading writing about their everyday life experiences, but you can. :)

You'll have to publish a memoir one day.
Soxy Deb said…
WoW! Nice to have so many interviews that could very well turn into offers. Won't it be cool to have your pick?!?!

And not for nothing, but... you call yourself "poodle"?
mo.stoneskin said…
Well, as we all know the British accent is the best...

Well done with your French, I remember the account of the exam!

Is that dog sniffing gas?
Gaston Studio said…
Lucky you to have so many job interviews! Crossing my fingers that you'll be offered more than one so you can choose!

Sorry about Laker, but I'm sure he's in doggy heaven, watching over all of you.
Thinkinfyou said…
Good luck on the job offers!! Sorry to hear about the passing of a puppy(all dogs are puppies to me no matter what age they are)The loss of an animal always gets to me,and makes me instantly remember all the passing of my own past furry friends.
Hope the week turns out well for you!!
darsden said…
Sorry about the family member, so hard to lose one of the members. He was a beautiful dog! Congrats on the job interviews. :-)
Pearl said…
Sorry you spent Saturday cooped up with a test! Three times a year I proctor a test for nursing students. Four hours of unbridled silence, interspersed with mutterings. :-)
Anonymous said…
Wow, you are a busy lady. Good luck with all the job interviews.

Debbie said…
I'm so happy for you about the interviews. But how did you make it through those exams? That is more than I could do.
Michel said…
My fingers are crossed for you - however, will this impact your blogging ability??

Shouldn't we have discussed this beforehand!?
Good luck on the job quest.

Sad news about the canine. He looked like a nice dog.
*Akilah Sakai* said…
Sorry about the loss of Laker. I don't have a dog but I know how close people are to their pets.

Much luck on the job front.
Tina said…
what a sad story about the dog. its horrible when you lose an animal you have made part of your family :(
ettarose said…
Well you say what a hard time you are having, but anyone who can take those kinds of tests, pass a french test, lose a dear doggy and still be reasonably articulate when posting about it seems to have a lot of good things going on. You go girl! Good luck
Bee and Rose said…
So sorry to hear about Laker. It's always hard to lose a family pet:(

Things sound very exciting on the job front! Woo hoo for you! Sounds like it's all coming together in a big buffet of choices for you!
Lauren said…
I'd like to know what a Jewish accent is...thinking you meant Yiddish?

Well, if you get one of those cubicle corner jobs I hope you'll study up on office politics because they matter so much more than actually doing your job well. I hated the corporate world. So glad I found something else I love and I am good at. I read about your life, husband and kids and LONG for that for myself. Funny how whatever we've worked on for so long, we seem to want the other to try.
pam said…
Good work on getting all these interviews. What recession??

Good luck!
Too bad about Laker :(

Good luck with the interviews!

Cool write-up in Canada Blog Friends!
bernthis said…
Oh Mary, what I would give for a steady paycheck right now. You see, working freelance all these years, well, it was fantastic, I did very well but now i'm dying.

Mazel Tov (said, exactly like an old Jewish Broad)
"I'm quite excited about the prospect, and very nervous about the Big Unknown."

I hear ya. But I think you will adjust to the job much quicker than to life at home once you get back there. Or so I think. Will be interesting to compare note.

Hope you get the job!

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