A Mother's Day Sojourn

My weekend is a study in extremes.

Saturday will be spent indoors, being tested yet again by the federal government peeps. Yes, I actually passed my second language French testing a couple of weeks back, and now I go in for an entire day of flotsam and jetsam. I have to admit I'm quite proud of myself, because I really wasn't 100 per cent sure that I would get the level they required to move on. And I did it without any cheating! See, all the little children? Miracles still do happen.

I'm not bitter about having to go in for more tests, except that perhaps I wish Saturday's weather forecast called for hail and rain and pestilence instead of simply a possibility of a bit of rain, and perhaps I wish I wouldn't get so stressed out about such things as silly tests. But I think this testing segment will be better than the last since it is all in English, I now know I need to bring food and drink because they lie when they tell you there are open food concessions, and I think I know which building to go into this time. So, all in all, I can't complain. Especially if this leads to a job. Although Mr. Handsome, being the absolutely most positive and optimistic human being there is on earth (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?), has reminded me that this means nothing in the grand scheme of things because they've probably got 1,000 others who have reached this level, and what are the chances that I will be one of the chosen ones. Isn't he precious?

Anyway, moving on.

Sunday I so look forward to, because Sunday is Mother's Day, and I've always loved Mother's Day. Almost as much as I love Christmas, which is an awful lot. Because on Mother's Day, my children and my husband make the extra effort to let me know they don't take me for granted. They make the extra effort to make it a day just for me. And, I feel special, which is a rare occurrence for me, to be honest.

I usually have a wonderful breakfast made for me by Mr. Handsome and the children, and then we usually check out the tulips at the Canadian Tulip Festival, because that's what I want to do. Although, this Sunday, I think they're calling for more rain, so chances are we'll just stick around the house and do absolutely nothing, which is fine by me. And then, Mr. Handsome makes an amazing dinner and invites his mother over, and we feel like queens for a day.

Although I wish I could say this is a photo of me, it isn't. I never tilt my head to the right.

The only thing better than this day would be if it could last a week.

But really, I can't complain, I know. I mean, most of my friends' husbands don't even acknowledge their existence most days, and their children make barely any discernible movement toward showing them their love, even on this day. I don't get it, but then again, maybe I'm just really lucky.

So, instead, I will bask in the warmth that is my Mother's Day, and just be glad the government testing is over for now and I can lie on the couch, eat Cheetos all day if I want, and pick my nose. Because that, to me, is the best way to spend Mother's Day.


Tiny little update: I got a call for my first, honest to god job interview on Monday! Let's hope I don't have a case of the runs, although this job is with a medical establishment of sorts, so I'm sure they'd understand if I had to excuse myself to purge my Mother's Day din dins.


YAY YAY YAY! Congratulations on the job inteview AND on reaching the next level in the gov't testing!!!
I love Mother's Day too! My girls go out of their way to make the day extra special! We will celebrate with our daughter again for her 2nd Mother's day.
Have a wonderful day~
Anonymous said…
Hey - kudos on the job interview! And happy Mommy's day to ya too. :)

But if you're willing to publish pics of you sitting on the potty why not model yourself for the bathtub scene? (wink)
Deb said…
yes, i am one of the lucky ones, too. i get treated very well.

enjoy the weekend and keep us posted on the interview! don't blow it!
mo.stoneskin said…
I think you should ask hubs for a full week of breakfasts made. Worth a try?
YAY......I'm proud of you as well for aceing your tests!!!!! You go honey!!
Stop posting picture's of me in my bathtub like that Mary. I've told you time and time again to at least let me smile or something. That sneaking up and boreing holes into my bathroom wall crappola needs to stop.
By the way, I'm soooo with you on the Cheeto's thing.....they taste better when you're in your undies as well ya know???
Have an extreme weekend and......

Steady On
Reggie Girl
pam said…
Happy Mother's Day!

Sounds like you have the perfect day planned. Good luck on the second test, I hope it pours all day!! And, good luck on the interview.
Lauren said…
Good luck on the job search!
Soxy Deb said…
You never tilt your head to the right? I always tilt my head to the right, which makes for difficult walking and conversations some times.

Best of luck on your interview! And I'll be hoping that it rains locusts or something while your indoors tomorrow. Then you'll actually be happy about being locked up inside!!
♥Trina♥ said…
Good luck on the test! I'll be sending lots and lots of positive thoughts your way.

Enjoy your Mother's Day! Sounds like Mr. H and Em and Dee make it a perfect day for you. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and you can go see the tulips. (They are one of my favorite flowers.)

We'll be spending the day tomorrow with my mom, and then we'll see John's mom Sunday.

Have a GREAT day!
Anonymous said…
What is the best cheese to go with wine? CHEETOS!! And my husband sneaked in the living room to grab a photo of me, a bottle of wine, and a big bag of Cheetos. Orange fingers and all.

"I got a call for my first, honest to god job interview on Monday!"

Oh, yeah! Make sure it is something you like, and really want. Not like I'm a expert, but....
Pearl said…
Your day sounds fabulous -- and congratulations on passing your French test!
Fragrant Liar said…
Congratulations! Those are awesome things to celebrate this weekend, and all that good news comes on your Mom's Day weekend. Cool. Good luck in your interview. You'll be great.
Fragrant Liar said…
Congratulations! Those are awesome things to celebrate this weekend, and all that good news comes on your Mom's Day weekend. Cool. Good luck in your interview. You'll be great.

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