Mama Bear's Smiling A Bit And Fondling Rocky Balboa's Buttocks

The next step is being taken.

The principal at Dee's school is sending a letter to Ass' parents with a warning. That is apparently "the next step" in the seemingly unending politically correct procedure of our school board, such as it is.

Apparently, the principal was under the impression that Dee and Ass had a little "thing" going, and that it was more a reciprocal relationship of mutual abuse than one-sided instigation on Ass' part. She also did not understand the extremity and consistency of Ass' physical and mental abuse toward my son.

Perhaps the grey bags under my eyes, the disheveled hair, and the gradual decibel increase in my voice helped her understand. I was calm, but I'm sure she could sense the keen desperation in my voice when I finally set her straight on the facts.

I looked her in the eyes, and I said, "We are not tolerating this situation any longer. We can't. You've got to do something, and now. And it's got to be something more than simply talking to Ass, or talking to Ass' parents, because that's obviously not working. And meanwhile, my son doesn't want to go to school."

So, a letter is being written, on official school board letterhead, and will be delivered to Ass' door soon. And I hope that's all we have to do for this situation to end.

Because Mr. Handsome called the po po today, and they said they would be happy to file a complaint, because what Ass has been doing to Dee is definitely considered assault.

That's right, my people!

We will survive!

Let the war begin, baby, because ain't no one gonna mess with my baby boy!

(cue Rocky's Gonna Fly Now)

See, even the po po are happy for us.

We aren't sure if we're going to go ahead and file a complaint yet, but a big part of me wants to do it just so that I can hide in the bushes and watch as the police knock on Ass' door and have a little talk with Ass and his parents. Look and see how manly and strong they are as they knock down Ass' door, string Ass up by his tiny little testicles, and scare the crap outta him.

Don't mess with Mama Bear, like I said. Or I will squish you like a tiny bug.

I never said I was mature.

P.S. If you want more on the saga, please see last Sunday's post.


♥Trina♥ said…
It SHOULD NOT matter if it were a "mutual" thing between Dee and Ass. Behavior like that shouldn't be tolerated at school. I've seen way too many instances where a couple of kids played around, and it was mutual, but eventually one would go too far, or one would be having a bad day. What started out as just a couple of friends horsing around became a huge, honest-to-God fight. I do realize that teachers and admins can't keep their eyes on every student every minute of the day, but still...Do something, especially after parents have already had one meeting! Maybe it will be settled now.
Mary, do you need for me to come up and show Mr. Ass just how badly a lil southern bell can kick that butt and have him begging for his mama? Call girls and Mom's gotta stick together right?
And.......if we're going to be fondling Rocky Balboa's buttocks in the process then please....let me know. I'll bring the thermos (plural, ever how you way it in plural) of Bloody Mary's and we'll get down to bidness :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl
Beth said…
It sounds like Ass and his parents need to be scared a bit. There is no room for bullying.
Nice! You should totally file the complaint. I hate bullies. I used to get bullied all the time.
Way to GO Mama Bear!

I hope you got that yellow=bellied teacher involved too!

(SOME people just shouldn't be in charge of children)

I hope this will end it for good~

Have a terrific Tuesday~
♥georgie♥ said…
Mary I am so glad the school is taking this seriously and they are moving in the right direction.
Cathy Winsby said… go Mama Bear!! And heaven help anyone who messes with the cubs!
kel said…
I would kick their ass! Ros had a girl picking on her in preschool that then continued to kindergarten.. I went ape shit..

You have to fight for your kid.. no one else will. good luck!
You. Go. Girl! I have a big scarey teenager I could let you borrow!
dani c said…
I'm telling ya..just tell me where he lives..
I think you should file a complaint. And I also think you should make arrangements to put your son in another school. This Ass Kid will NEVER let up. He doesn't have the parental supervision that he needs or he would get with the program long ago. And if the school fails, Sue. You have grounds. You have complained numerous times. And Sue the parents of Ass. But honestly, it's time to put your son in a different school.
Kelly said…
I just dread this. How do you get over the feeling of wanting to pummel that little kid? I don't know how I'd be able to not punch his mom. I just think back to the way kids were and it breaks my heart. I always felt so bad for the kids who got picked on, probably because a lot of the time it was also happening to me...
It is sad that your son has to go through this.
ModernMom said…
Oh. I would think a letter on "official" letterhead ought to shake things up. There is light at the end of the tunnel!
PS Hope your feeling better :)
Michel said…
Good for you.

However, that last picture scared me. Now I'm afraid of you.
pam said…
You might as well go ahead and file a report with the police. It may mean more than a piece of paper.

Good luck, I hope this is over soon!
Jenni Jiggety said…
I am glad you are getting this under control, Mary! Good for you!
Helen Ginger said…
Mama Bear, your frustration came through loud and clear. You are keeping it under control. But things better change or I believe you are gonna go Rocky on somebody. Get it stopped now or nothing will change except it'll get worse.

You go, girl.
Becky said…
Way to go, Mary! Even though my daughters are older now (19 & 21) and can well look out for themselves it is still like "NOBODY MESSES WITH MY GIRLS - and I mean NOBODY!!!" to this mama bear. Good for you for taking on the system.

P.S. Count me IN on the butt kicking, Bloody Marys and Rocky fondling! :-)
Becky said…
Way to go, Mary! Even though my daughters are older now (19 & 21) and can well look out for themselves it is still like "NOBODY MESSES WITH MY GIRLS - and I mean NOBODY!!!" to this mama bear. Good for you for taking on the system.
~ Becky

P.S. Count me IN on the butt kicking, Bloody Marys and Rocky fondling! :-)
mo.stoneskin said…
I hate being squished like a little bug! Seriously though, I hate the lack of discipline and respect that I see today.
Missy said…
I recently posted about a similiar situation~! My son witnessed his first fight in which one of his friends suffered a broken nose that required surgery. We just found out yesterday that the child with the broken nose was hit because he was defending our son from the mean kid~ I just want to keep my son home and wrap him in bubble wrap! The "mean" kid only received in school isolation! Now I am worried that my son is next! It is such a cruel world when kids are hurting one another!
I hope the letter does the trip!
dizzblnd said…
I hope this is the end of it. I can't believe the principal was THAT ignorant to the situation..
Mutual?? whatever! Good for you for getting the police involved maybe he will be scared straight!
Anonymous said…
You're doing the right thing. It's beyond a bully situation because of his health. Keep your claws out.
Debbie said…
First of all, I love anyone that calls them the po po.
And good for you! I hope the letter works too. If not, you have a great plan B.
Great post and I think this is a first visit for me. Never let the bully get away with the bullying...
Lana said…
Good for you. I hope ass gets it handed to him, and that the school steps UP!

I read this post this morning really quickly, and ALL DAY at work I kept giggling at your reference to the "Po Po". lol!!
melissa said…
i need you to take care of my daughters issue!! you rock woman. even if you're immature! it sucks that there are so many asses in the world. sigh.
yay for getting one ass slapped but good!
Venom said…
Who will stand up for our children if we don't? Good for you Mama Bear.
Captain Dumbass said…
Hire some other kid to kick Ass's... er, ass.
Bee said…
If that little snot continues, hire a bigger kid Ass' age to give him a good kick in the ass.

Glad to hear things are going to work out.
Lisa said…
I am so glad you're taking action. This kind of crap from kids shouldn't be tolerated. Why - in my day, Ass would have gotten his ass paddled over the loud speaker to serve as an example. Really - that happened to our local elementary school bully. It left quite an impression on many of us.

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