It's Too Late

This is why I fight for my son, and will continue to fight for him. I found this awful news on Katie's site, over here.

Bullying is unacceptable. And I don't care what anyone says. People don't take it seriously until someone dies. And then we wonder why.


Em said…
That report makes me want to just snuggle up to the boy and give him a hug.

Bullies make me very, very angry.
Keep fighting for your son! I read that heartbreaking story on Katie's blog. A district in my area had a simillar incident. It took the child killing himself for his fellow students to "get it".

Much too late...
Beth said…
Bullying is unacceptable. And as a former teacher and a current administrator, it is one of the most difficult things to handle. Most bullys are sneaky and can lie through their damn teeth. Most kids who are being bullied don't tell someone what is happening. It is a great arguement for having cameras in the schools so there could be some help to resolve these awful situations.

The cameras on the buses have helped me out tremendously! In fact, one child's parents called the school raging about their child being bullied on the bus. When I pulled the tape, the child doing the bullying was the child of the parents who called (and I chewed his little ass out). These parents are still furious with me and believe their son is innocent despite the video coverage.

As a child who was bullied (hearing aids gave me a free pass to the weakling category), I'm passionate about stopping bullying. And I'm frustrated that there is no easy way to stop it.

Sorry for the long rant. I'm on your side on this one.
Michel said…
Mary, that is really sad! Good for you!
dizzblnd said…
what a truly horrifyingly sad story. I am glad you are standing up for your son the way you are! All bullied children would be lucky to have parents like you
Gaston Studio said…
That is a horrific story and so sad that the young man felt he had to commit suicide to stop it. Where were his parents?

Good on you, keep fighting and stay strong!!
~*Jobthingy*~ said…
poor poor child. how sad. and you have to wonder if he kept it to himself this whole time and did not say a word to anyone.

at least with Dee you know.

and it is not right.. the day that my child is bullied, watch out. you think your momma bear side is bad? ill make it look like a cub ;)
Deb said…
it's heartbreaking, really. and i just don't understand it. loving our fellow humans should be inherent... automatic... instinctual. somehow, it's not.

i will stand with you and fight!
Yaya said…
Completely unacceptable. It's gone way too far.
pam said…
I went over and read that, it just breaks my heart. Hug your children close!
Tina said…
bullying is horrible. your right its only when its too late. Its a sad world unfortunately :(
Lisa said…
Keep on fighting for your son. You know it's worth it.

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