Mama Bear's Getting Ready To Attack

So, yet another post on something I thought was over and done with.

But no! How naive of me to think such childish things. How could the
bullying Dee has had to deal with be over and done with? Heck, who cares if there are important school board policies in place that specifically state there will be no bullying, and who cares if the principal and staff repeat how bullying and harrassment will not be tolerated, under any circumstances?

Ass is at it again.

And this Mama Bear is now full of a rage so vile, she can barely stand herself at the moment. As I write this, I am tucked away safely in my bed, with the door closed, because I couldn't handle the noise of the television downstairs, or Em continually telling the dog to stop licking himself, or just the presence of anyone anywhere within a 100-kilometre radius of my irritable body. There are other not-so-pleasant events going on to make me feel this way, but this one takes the cake.

My poor boy came home from school Thursday, when I was in the throes of projectile vomiting and simultaneous explosive diarrhea. And, in between hurls and moans, I asked him how his day was, since he had been sick for part of the week as well (nowhere near as ill as I've been, mind you), and since I always ask my kids how their days were, since I'm a good mom that way.

Dee was holding an ice pack to his head, which should have been my first clue. But, of course, since I was too busy making sure my contact lenses didn't fall into the toilet, I didn't notice right away.

Once my stomach and lower intestines had somewhat settled down, I continued the discussion with Dee.

And he told me that Ass had once again been harassing him at school all day long, and had pulled his hair so much at recess (the first recess, by the way, that Dee has even gone out since he's been sequestered in the office for the past month during recesses because of some minor abdominal surgery he recently had) that he got a terrible headache.

This time, he told his teacher as soon as he got into class (as he was told to do, so that it could be dealt with immediately), and the teacher patted his head and said, "Oh yes, just a game they were playing, eh?"


Then Dee asked if he could go to the office to get an ice pack for his head, and he told Stephanie the secretary what had happened, and she told the principal (I'm giving Stephanie a big smooch on Monday), who immediately went to the classroom and pulled Dee out and asked what had happened. Then she pulled Ass out to get his side of the story. And then she told Ass not to do it again.

Again, What.The.Fu%k?!?!

My Dee told me he doesn't want to go to school anymore because of this kid.

And now I swear to god I am turning into the literal Mother From Hell. Better take the batteries out of the smoke alarms, dear, because there's gonna be a lot of smoke coming out of my ears.
Because I am pretty damn sure a kid who continually harasses and physically harms another child should not be allowed to continue doing said activities. And I don't care how much his mom volunteers at the school. Her son needs to be disciplined, and if his parents aren't doing it, then the school needs to do it. Because -- HELLLOOOOO?! --- my kid is over and done with being Ass' whack-a-mole, thank you very much.

I'm thinking that perhaps our last meeting with both principals didn't quite "take". Perhaps they didn't quite understand when Mr. Handsome told them that if something wasn't done, he was going to do something about it himself (no, we don't own a gun, but maybe we will after this weekend -- just kidding). Maybe the school officials need a little brushing up on their policies and procedures.

Monday morning, this mom is heading over to the school, come hell or high water, diarrhea and other flu symptoms or not, and I'm going to sit down with the principal (whom I actually like a lot), and I'm going to let her know that this is not going to continue. Not for another minute. Because it's going to end. Now. Right. Here. I don't care how they end it, but it's going to end. And I won't be leaving until it does.

This kid needs to be suspended for starters. His parents need to be made aware that their child is nowhere close to being the angel they think he is, that what he is doing is unacceptable and despicable, and that it's ultimately their responsibility to teach their child how to behave. And if they can't do it, or if the problem emanates from the household, then it's the school's responsibility to deal with it properly. And yesterday.

Because why should my vulnerable son have to suffer? Because he doesn't fight back? Because he's an easy target? Because he's a kind kid? Because he's afraid to punch Ass in the face because he knows it's only going to end up with him getting in trouble himself? Because the teaching staff don't seem to have the time or the inclination to care that a little boy is getting hurt? I don't think so.

I thought I was angry before, when Ass thought it would be fun to toy with my little boy. That was nothing compared to how I'm feeling now. Rage is not the word. In fact, I don't think the word even exists. That's how angry I am.

I'm glad I have the weekend to stew, so that I don't go into the office Monday morning with both pistols firing, because I'm liable to look like a total idiot, and that would do no one any good, least of all Dee. By Monday, I should be calm enough, yet still in gargantuan anger mode, to make my viewpoint very clear, and also look sensible and not like I need to get my straitjacket out of the dryer and put it back on.

To be continued...


Kathy said…
Good luck with this.

Why are the kids unsupervised at recess? Since when is that kind of "game" acceptable, even if it were a game?

I dealt with that kind of stuff with my older children, including a psycho angelic-looking girl who told boys to throw my son's $700 violin around in middle school.

Fortunately, my youngest goes to a school where that kind of thing isn't allowed. They make the kids sit down and TALK about the problem and then make retribution of some sort. Then they suspend the kids who don't learn from it.
dizzblnd said…
What a horrible ordeal for your son! For you to have to deal with this when you are so damn sick?? WRONG! If the mom volunteers at the school, she should be made to supervise her kid when he is outside the classroom and in the playground.

I hope you can get it resolved soon.. this sucks!
Cathy Winsby said…
My children are lucky that they haven't had to deal with that sort of abuse.

If they did, I would do just as you are. And if you don't get satisfaction from the Principal then go higher....the school board.

Like you said, it's got to stop. Nobody wants it to get to the point of involving the police. Which is where it will go if this child thinks he can get away with anything and not have any consequences.
OMG! You have to be kidding! I thought this was surely OVER already!
Threaten to get a lawyer...that usually gets everyone's attention.
INSIST that this kid be suspended! Make sure that teacher is in there too....she should be suspended for not stepping in when she first heard about it!
If all that fails, go to Ass's house. With a machete.
Feel better today so you can kick some ass tomorrow~
Diva Ma said…
Honey, get it taken care of one way or another. I'm the type of mom that would confront the KID, but your way is probably better. LOL! I surely wouldn't take a bully constantly messing with my boys!
♥georgie♥ said…
Oh Mary...I remember these days well...middle bean had a terrible time in elementary..the teachers always blamed him for what another boy did to him...I even had one teacher tell him he was going to grow up and be a convict...

I feel your pain and Dee's I hope this is resolved-if you don't get satisfaction at the school site-consider the school board...bullying must be stopped
Adlibby said…
ohhhhhh.. I am steamed for you! I say get loud in that principal's office! I can't believe that they aren't taking it more seriously after you've already been in there and discussed it. The first time calls for calm... the second time calls for ASS-kickin'! Good luck!
Lana said…
It's almost like they are waiting for "Dee" to act on this (physically) so they can BOTH be reprimanded. His teacher sounds like my son's grade one teacher. I'd have in mind to ask the teacher to step out with me so I could show her first hand what type of "game" was being played. Grrr.
You go, Mama Bear!! I really hope this gets rectified soon too.
Mama Kat said…
Holy smokes! What a littler jerk!

Why are they allowing ass out to recess?? He should have them all taken away until he learns to behave himself. If I was ass's mother I would feel AWFUL. There would be SERIOUS reprecussions at home each time he bullied.

You might want to consider tears...sometimes crying moves people to action more so than anger or threats. They'll feel less attacked and like they need to defend something and more like they want to help you.

And bring the office staff cookies for REAL!

The MamaBear at my house has to rise up this week, too. I understand your angst. Hopefully by Monday you will have your script down. Best of luck.

Love the polar bear with the chain saw!
ReformingGeek said…
I'm sending wine and positive thoughts. Good Luck!
Perhaps filing a complaint with the police? This is a battery. When I was a Prosecutor it became increasingly common in more recent years for the school to call he police and for the kid to be prosecuted.
Jenn Peacock said…
I wish you good luck with this too! There is nothing worse than feeling helpless and knowing that the school system is not helping either. I would be raging mad! I hope it all turns out well.
melissa said…
my daughter is going through this with someone at her school. but hers is an emotional harassment. it's awful!! the principal has finally gotten involved. the parents are sticking their head in the sand. actually...i'm about to write a post for mid week about this. it's horrible. i'm sorry for your son that he is going through this!! kids are so mean!
I'd be rage-worthy angry, too. At the very least that kid should be suspended since he's a repeat offender. Good luck on Monday - I hope it all works out in Dee's favor, because it should.
Anonymous said…
I wish your son could beat the hell out of that kid and shut him up for good.
dani c said…
Tell me where this kid lives...I'll whoop his ass and his mothers !!!
Poor fella :(

I hope the situation rectifies itself.
Beth said…
Please let us know how this turns out. I truly hope that Ass can stop bothering your child - or any of the children.
bernthis said…
i was tortured in junior high, tortured. you are so right not to let this lie. This asshole needs to be dealt with now. I was traumatized by what happened to me.

Good for you
Running mommy said…
I totally feel your pain and anger! My son is bullied too, and things like that hit a mom where it hurts the most: straight in the heart!

I wish you lots of luck and calmth coming monday!
~*Jobthingy*~ said…
oh man i hope you went today and you should call the board or someone higher up cause this is ridiculous.
Anonymous said…
I don't suppose filing a police report for assault and harassment would get anyone's attention. How about a restraining order? I'm not kidding - obviously the powers that be aren't paying attention...

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