Mr. Handsome Is Trilingual

Me, with a mouthful of potato chips in my gaping maw: Do you want any? Except, it comes out, Boo awu wananay?

Mr. Handsome: What?

Me: Boo awe wnanaay?

Mr. Handsome: No thanks.

Me: How didoo unnerta da? Translation: How did you understand that?

Mr. Handsome: I'm trilingual. English, French, and Chip-Face.


Pearl said…
I've taken a course in Chip-Face!!

I'm also fluent in Drunk. :-)

ModernMom said…
Hee hee! I didn't even need the translation. I mus also be fluent in chip face. Perhaps its a Canadian thing?
His example gives the rest of something to aspire too. : )
Out-Numbered said…
hahaha. that was really cute. good stuff. thanks for the Out-Numbered visit as well. Have an awesome weekend!
Roy is also fluent in chip=face, and chocolate cookie face, and roasted almond face, and butter pecan ice cream face, and he's about to become fluent in chicken-and-dumpling face 'cause I'm starving!

Have a wonderful weekend~
Deb said…
Are you sure he said "chip" face, 'cause that sure can sound like something else...just a thought.
Mariah said…
I'm a major chip face talker, all the cool kids do it.
SweetPeaSurry said…
I just want to know who ISN'T fluent in 'chip face' language? I know I am. WEET!

mo.stoneskin said…
He's very talented. I don't understand chip-face, even if I'm the one scoffing chips!
dizzblnd said…
LOL That's too cute! I hope you are feeling better
CaJoh said…
I think that over time we can probably know what the other says no matter if their mouth is full of food or not.

Very funny.

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