Em with her friends, talking treats and scores.

Dee being Dee, all aglow.

Cool bowling photos of an unnamed subject, probably getting a strike.

Just numbers.
But they mean everything when you put this, $, in front of them.
That's how much money was raised at last Saturday's Camp Quality of Eastern Ontario bowlathon fundraiser. $34,888. Not just a simple number.

I am speechless.
This is a record, and in this day and age, it is beyond belief. Our next highest amount raised was about $32,000 a few years back.
The generosity of the Ottawa region Starbucks, as well as everyone else who participated and donated, reminds me that people will always continue to amaze me. In the midst of financial woes, of people losing their jobs, there is still so much generosity.
It blows my mind.
The children will have one more year of happiness at Camp Quality this summer.
Thank you everyone!


dizzblnd said…
Great pics!! Congrats on the amount of money raised. That is amazing and just makes you feel good all over!
mo.stoneskin said…
Brilliant, great work in raising the $.

Not sure about Dee's look though!
Soxy Deb said…
That is fantastic Mary!! You all should be very proud of what you've done and what you do for the children. I don't even know you and I'm proud.
Keep up the good work everyone!!
Hi Mary...nice pics....yes...sometimes pics look much better without light....
Anonymous said…
Yay! That is terrific! Congrats!
Wow! $34 Thousand Dollars! and another 888!!! Amazing.
You must all be so proud!
I've said it a thousand times too....even in these hard times, people are still so generous with their donations~
Have a terrific Tuesday....
I will, my daughter is coming to spend a few days!!! YAY!
LutzFam said…
Wow!!! I'm stunned. Good for you guys, I'd never take on a fundraiser. I'm just not that motivated. =)
Tenakim said…
that's wonderful- congrats!
Anonymous said…
Wow - that's awesome! Thanks for sharing the great pics and kudos to you and all involved. :)
Vic said…
That's so wonderful! It's nice to know people don't have to stop caring about each other when things get tight.
♥Trina♥ said…
Great job! I know y'all are excited to see so much raised for such a great cause.
Jane! said…
Good job! That's a lot of money.... even in Canada!
Jenni Jiggety said…
WOW! Great fundraiser! Congrats on raising so much money!
Congrats! And great photos too...
Missy said…
That is so awesome! Good for you! The pics are great!
Wow! Those are some really great pictures! How fun!
WOOT WOOT Mary darlin!! That's awesome. You must be an extraordinary organizer (or begger, whichever applies, lol).
Hey, I think Dee looks like a cool Jones :)
Well done Miz Mary!!!!!!!

Steady On
Reggie Girl
That is incredible! Great job on the fundraising! And the pics are excellent, too! :)
pam said…
I am glad it is such a success, it does truly amaze me that people will continue to give! Especially, when there are so many good causes out there looking for money.

Great job!
Anonymous said…
Wow that's a lot of money!!! GREAT!

Those bowling pics look cool!
Just to clarify...I really had nothing to do with the fundraiser this year. Well, I helped, but Slut did pretty much all the work. All of it. I just listened to her whine a lot, and nodded my head now and then.
Thinkinfyou said…
That's awesome!! Congrats to you,and hooray for the kids!!
What a great post. So nice to hear some good news and the pictures are fabulous (my favorite is Dee all aglow).
Anonymous said…
Mary, STOP! Give yourself some credit.

Lets be honest, neither of us had to work very hard to make the day a success. It just works.

So, next year ? hehe
♥ Braja said…
See? Starbucks!!!
bernthis said…
It's amazing that even in such tough times people still open their wallets for a good cause. Makes you believe people are good and not all into ponzi schemes and big bonuses

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