Happy Easter
Today, we are off to my brother's and sister-in-law's home in Chelsea, Quebec (30 minutes from our home) for a superb Easter dinner, complete with discussions about artwork (they're both amazing artists), dogs running akimbo, and lots of talking with different accents, and lots of laughing over stupid jokes that make no sense, because that's what we do when we get together, which isn't nearly often enough.
I will take copious amounts of allergy medicine beforehand, and hope I don't have a full-out asthma attack. I'm allergic to their dog, it seems.
And we'll eat lots of food, and go through photos of my mother because my brother wants to do a sculpture of her (did I say he's an amazing artist?), and just take it easy before we head back to the city, and our life of messy home, messy life, taxes, and lots of laundry and no dryer.
This is the only family I have left, besides my own kiddies, and Mr. Handsome's mom and sisters, and I don't ever want to lose them.
Have a wonderful Easter Sunday, everyone!


Beth said…
Enjoy your time with your family. And I'm glad you like your family. That is a bonus!

Happy Easter.
Sarah Lulu said…
I hope you have a beautiful time with family and that your allergies don't even bother you at all.

Magic happens.

Sarah Lulu
Skye said…
Enjoy your time there, and have a safe and wonderful trip!
Michel said…
That sounds fabulous! Does their dog only speak french?? I've always wondered!?
Kathy said…
Happy Easter!
kel said…
Happy Easter! have fun... and stay alive!!

pd did you paint that?
Eudae-Mamia said…
Happy Easter Mary! Have fun enjoying your family time. Em
CurvyGurl ♥ said…
Happy Easter, Mary!

P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes :-)!
dizzblnd said…
Have a wonderful time! I will use one of your posts next week! Thank you
Happy Easter, Mary. I loved that artwork.
bernthis said…
God that sounds like an amazing day. I love those types of get togethers.
Anonymous said…
Happy Easter!
3 Bay B Chicks said…
Such a great peek inside your world, Mary.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter. Enjoy your day and eat plenty of chocolate. :)

Anonymous said…
I hope you share the sculpture with us when he's done.

Happy Easter, Mary!
Happy Easter to you too.
Kate said…
Beautiful picture! Is this one that your family has created?

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