What do you do with yourself for a whole weekend when your kids are away? Anyone? Anyone?

I face this dilemma a few times a year, and I know that really, I should be ecstatic, and I guess I am. My children attend various camps at
Camp Trillium, which is a camp for kids with cancer and their siblings. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity, really. It's entirely free for the kids to go, and they love it. Absolutely adore it. They have the time of their lives.

The only prerequisite is having a child with cancer, which is a bit of a downer, you could say. I jest. It's awful, the worst nightmare anyone could live through. Of course it is. There is no way you can even imagine how terrible it is. I can explain it like this: Imagine the worst possible thing that could happen to you, and multiply it by a million. Imagine a hole so dark and deep that climbing out of it is practically impossible. That gives you some idea.

We are one of the very fortunate since our son has survived his cancer and has done relatively well. He has ongoing issues, but really, in the grand scheme of things, they're nothing compared to what could have been. I'll take blood pressure issues and kidney concerns, etc. any day, thank you very much.

So, the kids have gone to Camp Trillium's winter camp, which they offer every winter for a weekend. And my kids look forward to it every year. It's a weekend of not having chores, no parent nagging at them continually, a weekend of pure joy. Their days are filled with sports, play, crafts, smiles and laughs.

The problem is, what do I do with myself? This has been an ongoing dilemma since my kids started going to camp. I feel empty, alone, decrepit without their little faces near me, whining and screaming, their claws around my wrinkled neck. As well, it looks like Mr. Handsome will be working most of the weekend. What's an aging, perimenopausal woman to do with herself?

I could, I suppose, catch up with work. I could catch up with the laundry, maybe clean our bedroom, take Gryphon for a nice run in the woods, clean the kitchen, figure out why the dishwasher is leaking through the floor and onto the dryer in the basement, look for a new dishwasher, take down the Christmas tree (yes, that's can close your mouth now). The list just goes on and on.

What I think I'll do instead is put on a movie or two or 10, close the blinds, and watch them, taking catnaps whenever the urge strikes. Then I think I'll force Mr. Handsome to go out to dinner, whether he wants to or not. Maybe even a movie. He needs a break, after all. He's been working waaay too hard. I might even have time to read one of the 152 books that are sitting on my shelves, waiting to be read and collecting dust. Or maybe I'll finally begin to figure out Photoshop! Wouldn't that be a hoot?

I may even get up the courage to go to the gym with Pick, my BFF. Only problem is, I'd have to find my runners first, which would mean cleaning my bedroom...


Anonymous said…
Yeah, I would get some organizing/deep cleaning done.

Have fun!
Trina said…
I vote for vegging on the sofa with a good movie or a good book, a hot cup of joe, and Gryphon snuggled up next to you. Tonight, Mr. Handsome takes you to dinner where you have a delicious meal and a fabulous glass of wine. That's just what I'd do.
Jane! said…
Oh to have such a dilemma. I'm very jealous and can't remember the last time I was alone for a whole weekend. Sounds like you have plenty of good ideas, though, so whatever you do - enjoy yourself!
Eudea-Mamia said…
It all sounds so good, but you're right, after the initial couple of hours of quiet, the house begins to feel very empty.

Try to enjoy your time!! They'll be back around your neck in no time :-).

P.S. give me a couple hours, I'm working on a mile-long post, but they'll be something in it for you!
Lynette said…
Put your feet up and relax!! Who cares about all that other stuff!!
Oh, and about the only legal thing I could do WAS pout!! I'll get him, though!
Anonymous said…
I like your laying on the couch with movies and napping idea very much! And the dinner out with Mr. Handsome to cap off the day, perfection!
Shana said…
The movie and napping idea is the best. Or read blogs!
~*Jobthingy*~ said…
i say do the lax things. dinner and a movie sounds perfect. you 2 deserve the time :)
julie king said…
my first visit to your blog from willow's!! oh, your dilemma touches my heart. first to be the mother of a cancer survivor is very hard to imagine but my heart goes out to you. second, time alone can be very bittersweet. i raised two kids on my own and the very few times i had alone time it was difficult to know what to do with myself. i coped and learned and grew to enjoy my alone time even getting to the point where i could eat out or go to a movie alone. whatever you do today, i hope you'll be able to celebrate you and be good to you -- just a bit!
Chelle said…
Screw organizing. See what's going on in town and take yourself out for a treat.
dizzblnd said…
There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a lazy do-nothing-but-lay-around-the-house-and-watch-movies-all-day day

It helps with the stress of everyday life, especially when you have the worries that you have. Never feel guity
Hiding under the covers with a good book is the right answer!
Anonymous said…
Lana said…
Oh for sure lay on the couch and watch movies. Then go out to dinner and go to a show, then come back and watch some more movies. It sounds heavenly!!
Wendyburd1 said…
Movies, dinenrs cat naps all sound good, and pamper yourself!! The lil ones will be home very soon and then you will be running after them again!

Word Verification: lazin, NO LIE!
3 Bay B Chicks said…
A weekend without kids? As in two full days? I am not sure that I would know what to do with myself. Your first inclination, to nap and watch movies, is probably where I would end up. I doubt I would get anywhere near the laundry list to do's. Those are things best saved for when the kids are at home, right?

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