Doe, A Deer, Part III of Some Of My Favourite Things

Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for: the LAST part of my droning of all that I love that begins with the letter "P". Have you had fun? I know I have.

21. Panini
Loooooove a good panini. Give me a stuffed panini, some olives and bruschetta, and I am set.

22. Pocket money
I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain this. Who DOESN'T need pocket money?

23. Photography
One of my favourite hobbies of all time. I hope to someday start a photography business, but I need to buy my camera first.

24. Paper towels
I can live without them, but would I want to? No. They are amazingly convenient to wipe up spilled milk (and we all have some of that), or the vomit the dog produced in the middle of the night in the middle of the carpeted floor, or the drool that slowly drips out of my mouth as I spend the day waking up.

25. Pumice
A wonderful product used in the sloughing process of the feet. I won't go into it anymore than that. You're welcome.

26. Peace
We need it. Badly. All over this world.

27. Payday
I haven't had one of those in a while, but I do sincerely love them. And plan on having many more in the very near future. They come in handy when you need something, like food and toilet paper.

28. Pumpkin pie
I have looved pumpkin pie ever since I could blink. I could probably -- no, definitely -- eat it every day of the week, every meal of every day, and even at night if someone woke me up.

29. Pap test
Yeah, I really love this. If I could choose between a trip to Cuba or going for a Pap test, guess which one I'd choose...

Notice how the woman lying prostrate on the examining table is smiling. Well, it's not because she's happy to be there. She's thinking about lying on that beach in Cuba.
30. Pressure washer
I bought Mr. Handsome one of these a few years ago. I think he's opened the package. I love it because of the promise of clean driveways, clean cars, clean windows. Shhh. Let me dream.

31. Pompeii
I have good memories of visiting Pompeii when I was in Grade 11. It's a magical, holy place. I could feel the souls of the people who lived there as I walked through the streets. Except, that is, when I tripped on the cobblestones and fell flat on my face more than once, all because I was wearing clogs. I was so cool.

32. Ponies
Gotta love them. They're small and furry and cute and they gallop and neigh, but in a higher voice because they're tiny.


Shana said…
Ok, you are funny!!
Great list. You're done? Are you sure??
Tenakim said…
wow- you like a lot of "P" things! I ,too, like pocket money, but it's never a $20- no fair!
~*Jobthingy*~ said…
i want to go to Pompeii so badly.

its on my bucket list for sure.
Anonymous said…
ah, #29. You just reminded me that I need to call for an appointment. I will not be smiling.

Love your post!!
♥georgie♥ said…
Mary you are so creative! I so love a good panini!
A. Kichu said…
Pay day is my best day! I always keep counting from date 1
Anonymous said…
These were so much fun! You're such a great writer. And yes, yes, yes to the paninis.
Jane! said…
Thirty-two P things! You really went above and beyond.
Soxy Deb said…
What's not to love about a Pap? I rate them right up there with a Mammogram.
Trina said…
You should've said pocket money to buy PANINIs and PAPER TOWELs. LOL A great post--as always. :)

I think we're getting some of your cold weather down here later this week. They are predicting single digit temps. BRRRRRRRR
Bon Don said…
Don't stop at P this is fun... keep going!
Mary Moore said…
OK!! I'm going to do Q and X!!! Watch me!! :o)
Chica said…
Haha love the list. I will have to go bk and chk the other ones out. :)
Shupe said…
Great Post!
bravo bravo

I tend to agree on all of em!
I like that you put the pressure washer right after the pap smear. Nice. ;-) LOL

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