RIP Liquid

I just found out that one of my earliest blog followers took her own life on Christmas Eve, after sending out a wonderful Christmas message to her friends.

I'm just so sad.

I have never met
Liquid, but just knew she was a person I would have liked as a face-to-face friend. She was my friend.

All the best, Liquid. I hope you are in peace now, and happy.


Julie said…
That's very sad. May she rest in peace.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry for your loss of a friend.

I had seen this a week or two ago. It is so sad.
Eudea-Mamia said…
Oh, wow. This breaks my heart. Depression can be such a dark, deep hole. Her family is in my thoughts.
Shana said…
That is so sad. I am sorry.
~*Jobthingy*~ said…
i had never read her blog, but my thoughts are with her family and friends.

so sad.

♥georgie♥ said…
Thats thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends
Ugh. I am stunned. Very sad.
Lana said…
So sad. May she rest in peace, and her family heal well.
José said…

I didn't know her, but I guess that I visited the blog recently.
The reasons why she did it, only her could justify, but I want to take this chance to remind that we need to stop the indifference that reigns in this world to see if people start trusting each other, namely friends, to speak about their problems.
So that what seems difficult may become simple.

Take care,

Kristen Andrews said…
that is just terrible! She looks so happy, but you just never know how much someone is hurting.
Soxy Deb said…
She was one of my early followers too. I had no idea.
I am so sorry for her friends and family. That's very sad.
I hope she has found some peace now - wherever she may be.
Wendy said…
I'm sorry for your loss. I knew someone who committed suicide and it's so devastating because you drive yourself crazy wondering what you could have done in retrospect. It's sad and maddening.

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