Doe, A Deer, Part II of Some Of My Favourite Things

Here we go, with Part II of some of my favourite things that start with the Letter "P". See here for Part I of this multi-part, slap-happy little post, letting you into a little more of who I am.

11. Psychotropic Drugs
Just joking. Although I do like my medication, all of it. And so do the people around me.

12. Pan Gravy
There is probably nothing better than a good pan gravy. Except maybe Patrick Dempsey on an island. With me. And some gravy...all over him.

13. Pancreas
I love my pancreas. I hope you love yours. Without a pancreas, you're toast. And diabetic.

See No. 14 below for another reason why I love my pancreas oh so very much.

14. Pancakes
Need I say more?

15. Paddling
Kayak, canoe, I don't care. Put me in the water with a paddle and I'm a happy camper.

I have to thank Mr. Handsome for this. He first introduced me to the whole concept of water and having fun in it. Our first year camping together, we went canoeing, and everyone in the entire campground was aware of it because all I could do is scream everytime the canoe so much as twitched. And I'm not exaggerating. You could say I was a little petrified. I don't like water. However, over time, and a lot of pressure and tossing of self into cold lake water, I've sort of gotten over it, and now I LOVE going out for a canoe or kayak. We bought a kayak last year, and it's probably one of the best purchases we've ever made.

By the way, that's me in a kayak...actually paddling and smiling.

16. Pajamas
Again, need I say more?

OK, let me explain. I love my pajamas, I could live in them all day, everyday. But put them on a man with abs, and I love to ... never mind.

17. Paella
You can't beat a well-made paella. Give me a man in pajamas serving me paella, and I know I will have died and gone to heaven.

Also known as the elephant. I love elephants. They're probably my favourite animals, next to my kids. They are the most amazing, lovely, gentle beings on earth. I wish I had a big house, because I'd bring one home with me. His name would be Carl.

19. Pacific Coast
There is something about the ocean that makes me swoon. One of my big dreams is to live by the ocean. I could go for either the Pacific or the Atlantic, but I threw Pacific out here because, of course, it starts with "P" and that's the whole point of this mess, isn't it.
Can you just imagine living on top of this cliff? I can. With Patrick Dempsey in pajamas, feeding me pancakes.

20. Pablum
Who doesn't love a nice bowl of pablum? Well, I do. It's comforting, easy to chew and swallow (do you ever have days where chewing AND swallowing are more than you can handle?), and smells like babies. Pablum. Mmmmmmm.

Part III of My Favourite "P" Things will continue. I won't tell you when, though. Mostly because I don't know, but I do know it will be relatively soon. I don't want to bore you, so I have to change it up a bit and post something completely different, like maybe about the day I finally changed my underwear, or the time I didn't sit on the couch all day long and pick my ear while watching re-runs of Little House on the Prairie (that one's for you, Pick).


Shana said…
Okay, that is cool. Your answers are funny. Carl the Pachyderm, eh?
Keri said…
Pablum, hmmmm.... Where can I get some?
Soxy Deb said…
Mmmmmm, pan gravy, pancakes and Patrick Dempsey. You made me need a cold shower. And a bib.

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