Doe, A Deer -- or Is It, Poe, A Peer? Some of My Favourite Things

Kel at Girl in the Glasses did this sometime last year on her blog. Then Soxy Deb at Postcards From The Edge was supposed to take over and forgot, and then recently remembered about it and tried to get back into Kel's good graces by finishing the "project" at hand.

The "project": You have to list 10 of your favourite things, but they have to start with a certain letter (assigned to you by the blog owner). So, Soxy Deb assigned to me the letter "P". Soxy Deb threatened to give me the letter "X", of which I am not afraid. Bring it on, Deb! Give 'er!

As you know, I always have to be different. Work for the city, my father told me (imagine a short man with a comb-over and heavy Polish accent -- that's my dad). You'll get a good pension. Keep to yourself and follow the crowd, he advised. So, what did I do? Become a journalist and do the exact opposite of what anyone tells me to do. Unless it involves copious amounts of liquor, Patrick Dempsey and a good book, of course.

Must be because I'm a middle child and require a lot of attention. So, to continue in this same vein, I decided I could not keep my list to just 10 things. Just couldn't do it, no matter how hard I tried. Now, you would think that finding 10 of my favourite things that begin with the letter "P" would be difficult enough. But no...I found out that I run at the mouth much more than I thought I did, and that the things I love that start with "P" are much more numerous than I initially believed.

So, I thought, instead of putting a lot of effort into this and narrowing it down to just 10, I would instead be very lazy and put them all in. But instead of doing it all at once, I'd do some today, some tomorrow, etc. That way, I'd also have the next day or two's posts done as well, which would mean I could instead lie on the couch all day eating bon bons and watching "Dog, The Bounty Hunter".

Is that all right? Because if it isn't, I apologize profusely. And what you can do is just read this post and ignore the others. But I know you won't because you love me so very much. And I'm needy. Very needy. Please don't leave me.

So, here goes, in no particular order whatsoever:

1. Progeny
There they are, in all their glory, at Give Kids The World. An amazing and magical place in Kissimmee, Florida, where we stayed for free as part of our Make-a-Wish trip in 2004. They're cute, eh? And they do dishes and shovel snow too!


2. Popcorn

Need I say more? I would have said "chips", but I don't have the letter "C". Although, now that I think of it, I could have easily said "potato chips", couldn't I...Please forgive me. Again.

3. Presents
I love presents. The presence of presents makes me sweat intensely with excitement.

4. Photoshop CS4 Extended
Of course, you knew that, if you had read my recent post on Photoshop. If not, it's here. Of course, the picture below is a photo of Photoshop CS3 Extended, which I just noticed this second and am too lazy to do this all over again, so just pretend. Use your imagination. Same box, different number.

5. Pomegranates
Gotta love those red round happy fruit that cost an arm and a leg up here in the north, but are damn tasty and oh so fun to eat. And so happy. I can't help but smile as I type this.

6. Porcupines
Aren't they just the cutest little things? Except when they throw their darts into your eyes. Then I could kill them. I could grab them by their little necks and squeeze until...Sorry, got carried away there.

7. Poppies
No, I do not like poppies because you can smoke 'em (or something). They're really really purty, and they make me all happy inside. Kind of like pomegranates (see #5 above).

8. Poodle Pups
Well, I don't much like the poodles that are all frou-frouey (is that a word? well, I guess it is now) and prance around all haughty-like. But our poodle, Gryphon, is nothing like that. See? Here he is loving his adventure camping last summer. I am pretty sure that's a smile on his cute little furry face. Well, maybe not. Actually, I think he had gas. Too many beans.

9. Pigs
As in Guinea. They're very adorable, and cute, and all things chunky. That there is Furry and the deceased Cuddles underneath Furry. I forgot to put in Nanaimo. Sorry, Nanaimo. She's easy. She'll forgive me in time. Or forget in about a nanosecond.



10. Pasta
Of course, no list could be complete without pasta. And I mean, pasta. You name it, I love it. Alfredo would probably be my most favourite, but it has to be garlicky and come with garlic bread, garlic butter and garlic tea. And garlic cheesecake for dessert.

Tomorrow: Part 2 of my Favourite Things That Begin With a "P" List. Be patient. I know you can do it. Take deep breaths and try Downward Dog. I hear it works. I wouldn't know. I do something called Drinking Copious Amounts of Southern Comfort.


A. Kichu said…
I remember your last post about the photo shop. Have you learned how to use that software...
A. Kichu said…
One thing, if you still haven't learned how to use that Photo shop software and pissed off with it, feel free to throw it away (I mean throw it away somewhere near my door)
Soxy Deb said…
Great list. Can't wait for part two.
I too love garlic. The more the better.
Oaf, now I'm hungry and want something with garlic in it. Ooooo, egg beaters it is. :)
Jane! said…
Nice list - love the pics. I was too lazy for pictures.
Shana said…
Great list. Love garlic. (good for yeast infection, you know, up there. Really. It works. Trust me on this)
I went to Give Kids The World in 2001 with Tender Wishes and my patient that I have worked with for 11 years. That place is amazing. If I ever won the lottery (or became rich some other way) I would give that place money.
Anonymous said…
I love your list! I just did this same game today at my blog; that's funny.

I'm looking forward to the next installment!
~*Jobthingy*~ said…
ok frou frouey is totally a word cause i use it

and i love pasta as much as you. i could eat it daily im sure.
Trina said…
I love your list.

You are so funny! I love reading your posts.
Bon Don said…
AWWWwww cute list.

great now I want pasta!

*Bon Don*

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