Yo yo! Come Play LoYo!

So, we family members were sitting around the other day, ignoring one another as we often do, when I had the bright idea to involve the entire family in a game -- you know, something where we could actually be involved, communicate with one another, and enjoy each other's company. What a concept.

I happened to get a new game through
MomFuse and was asked to review it. What better time? I said to myself as I excitedly opened the game up and put it in front of my children and husband.

LoYo! is a card game for players ages seven and up, for two to six players, and takes less than half an hour to play. Perfect. Just what a mother needs for those days when the kids are basically throttling each other's necks! What day isn't like that?

The game is easy enough to learn quickly as well, which makes it that much more fun because you can start playing pretty much right away. Object of LoYo!: have the lowest point score after six rounds. There are surprises around every corner, which we learned as we played our very exciting and scream-filled game. Just when you think you've won, someone can use one of the special cards and everything changes. If you have a heart condition, make sure to have your nitro handy.

This game also includes different versions (LoYo! Challenge and LoYo! Headache), so that you can change things up a bit when you feel the need, and depending on who's playing.

LoYo! is great for children, leaving them with skills like strategy, memorization, and numeration.
LoYo! is part of the World of Pfun, a family-owned business in Ohio, and they've succeeded at creating a game that connects families and is educational at the same time.

We all enjoyed the game a lot, and it was perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. The kids didn't want to stop playing, even when the pizza was on the table!


♥georgie♥ said…
ooooo this sounds like such fun! I love family game days/nites

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