Cross Stitch To Keep You In Stitches

I recently came upon this awesome site that I wish I had thought of first. As some of you may know, I love cross stitching. I don't get the chance to do it that often, but that doesn't mean I don't love it. The same goes with cleaning the house. There's something about cross stitching that fulfills some of my creative drive. It's very artistic, very detailed, very beautiful, and requires a lot of patience and time. I wish I had discovered cross stitching when I lived at the hospital with Dennis. It might have been better than watching Jerry Springer at 1 in the morning. That gives you an idea of where my head was at back then.

Subversive Cross Stitch is a cross stitch site like no other. You won't find too many cute little bears hugging here, or a sweet angel with a halo over her head. Not unless the saying under the picture says, "You suck!"

I found one pattern t
hat I think I'm actually going to order. It's very relevant and touching since it deals with cancer, and we all know how I feel about cancer. Please excuse the foul language. I think it's disgusting myself, and I never speak this way. However, this is exactly how I feel about the damn disease. There are no other words. Very appropriate, don't you think? I would hang this in my front hall so that anyone dawning my doorstep would automatically know what I'm about. And then they'd run.

Then there's one that I think I should get for my kids. Only because I hear them say this time and time again,
oh, maybe 2,132 times a day. It's somehow been programmed into their little developing brains and they believe it is perfectly fine to respond to me with a casual, "Whatev, mom." Now, they aren't normally that rude, because they know I'd kick their butts and not feed them for 10 days, and we all know how important food is to the little varmints. They are like animals, are they not? At times, however, they do come out with rather rude little comments that make them deserving of a mouth-washing-out-with-soap, not that I'd ever do that. The phrase "Whatever" seems to have become second nature to these creatures, however, and I honestly do think it's a very rude thing to say. I think I'd much rather hear them tell me to screw myself. At least that would show they care.

And they would, in turn, get me this one because they say that's all I do when I kindly ask them to do anything. And I mean kindly when I say kindly. I don't mean I nag or scream at them while pulling my hair out by its roots or holding my head so that it doesn't explode all over the living room floor. I guess Mr. Handsome might get this one for me too. But he too would be so wrong in his opinion.

Maybe one of these will be my next project, right after I finish the damn "Welcome Baby" one for Oscar that I've only been working on since last September...well, "working on" is a relative term, I'm thinking.

Or maybe I'll buy this pattern instead and stitch it for the little bean. He might as well learn early in life.


Anonymous said…
I didn't know you liked cross stitch! I love it although I hardly do it anymore. I made bunches of bibs for my two little ones and pictures for their rooms, etc. I have about 37 kits that need finishing up right now. I like counted cross stitch the most but now that I think about it, I'm totally going to have to break down and get bi-focals before I attempt it again.
Anonymous said…
I think you should get them stitched up quick so you can smile when you walk by them.

Good find!
A. Kichu said…
I liked the Fuck Cancer one.. Its cool!
Shana said…
I wouldn't run if I saw the Fuck Cancer in your front hall.
You do have me chuckling everytime I read your site.
♥georgie♥ said…
LOL...those are great that site has some really cute ones with ♥'s and all the bad language
Jane! said…
I have a half-finished X-stitch growth chart that was supposed to be for my first baby... who is 19 and 5'10".
I like the ones you found better. I could use the Whatever one myself. When I say 'whatever' it means "Go ahead and disregard my advice. You'll be sorry but that's your problem." Hehe.
Anonymous said…
Mary I like your cross stitches!

Especially the cancer one!

BTW, I noticed your comments on my blog (which I appreciate), but I had to delete that post! The little movie was messing up my blog layout! *sad face* Once I deleted it, all was okay. *relieved face* So I'm not sure you really want to give it a try! I didn't have any problems initially.

Be careful! After being hit with a virus, I'm scared! I just did another virus scan to be sure all was still ok with my PC, happy to say it is.
nikkicrumpet said…
I think these are very funny. And a nice little change from the hugging bears lol
Matt said…
I wonder which wall I'd hang these on...?? I'm sure the neighbors would love them.
Heinous said…
I'm with you for all of them, but especially the cancer one.

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