Pooping Is Not For The Weak

I just have to say this. I can't wait any longer. I was going to ignore the whole thing, but apparently I can't.

It seems that Google Adsense balked at my Poop post last week. Now, I'm just speculating. Just seems a bit coincidental that no sooner did my post on poop go up than my ads disappeared, only to be replaced by public service ads. Now, don't get me wrong. I like public service ads. I think they're grrreeaat. I really, honestly do. But, come on! Because of a silly little poopy post about a totally normal occurrence in every being's daily life? Puulleeeez.

I don't think I'm taking a hairy fit for nothing. Or am I? Tell me if I'm wrong.

And I know it's not the end of the world because sooner or later, the poop post will slowly disappear into the past, and my ads should reappear (I think). At least, that is unless I continue posting items with the word "poop" in them...

Have a good day. And happy pooping!


Hmm...I need to go see if mine are gone then because I've posted several bathroom posts lately. Personally I think potty stuff is part of being a mom. If I can't post it without losing them...I guess I'll have to live without their 3 cents a month
That's nuts...poop is unfortunately part of us mommies lives...guess the good people at Google Adsense have no sense of humor!
adlibby said…
that's crappy! They should have ads for toilet paper and Depends and hemerhoid cream and toilet bowl cleaner... think how funny that would be! Hell I'd click on 'em just cause it would crack me up!

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