Please Stop The Screaming!

I really don't know what's wrong with me these past few days, but it's almost like a dark cloud is hovering over me, squeezing all my creativity out of my tiny little brain. It takes all I've got, and more martinis than I have olives, to squeeze out one little fart-like pippet of a blog post. So, today's post will be about the lychee fruit.

And the question I pose to you is this: Is it pronounced LEECHEE, or LICHEE? Please help me. And while I'm on the topic, how in hell's name does one do the "strikethrough" text on their blog? I cannot for the life of me figure this tiny detail out.

It's been a storm in this house since Dennis mentioned he wanted some lychee fruit. And since it's
my month to get groceries, it's been up to me to get some. Of course, I haven't, but that's not the point.

Dennis and Milly are fighting over the damn pronunciation of the stupid fruit, that which I have never even tried in my entire life. In fact, I think it looks too much like overripe ovaries to be at all appetizing. Here, would you like this tasty, ripe, about-to-burst ovary?


The children were introduced to the lychee fruit awhile ago by their amazingly erudite grandmother, who believes they are not taken care of well enough by their overbearing parents (that would be me and Mr. Handsome). Therefore, she continually barrages them with "new experiences", such as the lychee fruit, and jello shots. Just kidding. About the jello.

The problem is, our children have a severe allergy to the birch tree, which, in turn, has caused them to be very sensitive to a huge variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. They have what's called 'oral allergy syndrome', and it sucks big time because my kids are the best eaters I've ever seen, and for them to be forbidden to eat fresh fruit and veggies that they love is just horrid. Not only that, but it makes it a bitch to buy food for their school lunches. If they have, say, an apple, they will quickly break out into hives, their mouths will get itchy, their ears, etc. etc. etc. and then they complain bitterly, and I have to give them Benadryl before they stop breathing.

Anyway, lychee fruit apparently seems to be okay on their extremely sensitive systems. And I am glad Grandma discovered this fruit that my offspring are able to actually consume. Truly, I am.

Now I just need to know how to pronounce the damn thing so the screaming will stop!


Okay looking at that picture makes me ravenous!
Rae Ann said…
Hey! Just swinging by from BSU!

I believe the correct pronunciation is "lee-chee." My dad used to eat them all the time when we were stationed in Asia.

Strike-throughs are coded like this: (open carrot)strike(close carrot) blah, blah, blah (open carrot) /strike (close carrot)

<=open carrot
>=close carrot

Blogger wouldn't let me put the real code, so I hope you understand my attempt to describe it!
Lynette said…
Yea - what Rae Ann said about the strike out thingy!

Don't know crappola about the fruit - the most exotic thing Meghan eats is the Kiwi!!
Debbie said…
You have a great sense of humor and writing style!
I've never heard of an allergy to birch trees. I feel for you.
Stesha said…
Fruit looks great! I can't figure out how to do the strike thing either.
spyscribbler said…
So, um... how do you eat a lychee fruit?
Anonymous said…
I have never tried that lychee fruit and it looks like something I SHOULD try. It's on my bucket list now.
Shupe said…
my kids are addicted to all fruit but Mango is the favorite around here. My daughters lil friend that is here everymorning thinks we're odd because we eat mango so much. He still won't try it!!

Some people!
ohsnap said…
Tell me more about this birch allergy thing, because i've developed a sudden horrible itchiness when I eat certain fresh fruits.

So far: avocado & papaya.
Jolene said…
I've never tried them before, though often wondered what they taste like. Is there something that the taste compares to? Are they sweet? I might have to try them one day. One of our local stores has their generic brand of pop in Lychee flavor.

Check if has Lychee on it, they have little sound things you can click to hear correct pronunciations.
Tina said…
i have never tried them actually, but that pic sure looks appetizing!

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