Today is a special day. Today is the day, 12 years ago, that our son was born.

A squawling, raucous, chubby boy with ruddy curls greeted us after only three pushes. Three pushes to bring to this world an almost-10 lb.package of pure love and joy.

I was so excited when I became pregnant with Dee, because now Em wouldn't be an only child, and because now we'd have a girl AND a boy, and I felt like it was finally "right". And it was right. So very right.

Four months into his life, we were devastated when our cherub was diagnosed with cancer. And our lives changed forever. I cried every day during that year of chemo treatments and surgery after surgery. Somehow I had enough tears.

One of our greatest fears through all this was that, although he was just a tiny baby, he would somehow retain memories of this most awful time in his life (if he even survived), and would forever be marred in unforgivable, haunting ways. As it turns out, Dee is one of the happiest souls traipsing through this world. He has a thorough and deep love of life, is excited at every new adventure life hands him, and, although he does have some fears, they are in no way out of the ordinary.
Dee is in Grade 6 now, plays hockey, is as athletic as they come, and sings when he does his chores.

I often wondered if we would ever even reach Kindergarten with him, his health being as precarious as it was. We almost lost him more than once back then.

But here he is, giving his sister grief at every opportunity (as is his job as little brother), giving me hugs, still snuggling up to me whenever he gets the chance.

He's growing up so fast, and I often can't believe he's now 12. I suppose that's because he will always be my baby. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.


Anonymous said…
Well I am sure glad he overed the cancer and I can't imagine going though that as a parent!

Happy B-day to Dee!

They do grow up way to fast.
What a touching post?. I don't know or imagine what you must have went through, a baby with cancer, I thought it bad enough when my eldest was diagnosed with 42 yrs.
You and your family must be very speicial to him and he to you.
I wish him a very happy birthday and many, many more.

Thanks for your visit, I went to publish your comment but somehow it got lost, thanks anyway, much appreciated.

Happy Birthday, little guy!!!
ModernMom said…
Oh Mary! What an incredible story. There is nothing like a parents love for her child. Happy Birthday to your baby:)
♥Trina♥ said…
Happy birthday to Dee! I cannot imagine how terrifying those early years were, but I know that you are filled with such love and joy every time you see his face. Here's to many, many, many more birthdays!
What a sweet post for the birthday boy! I can feel your pride and love for him thru your words.
CurvyGurl ♥ said…
What a blessing! May Dee's victories be a ray of hope to those experiencing similar challenges.

I can only imagine how reflecting on all he's been through and has blossomed into brings you joy and pride.

Happy Birthday, Dee!
Anonymous said…
that's beautiful, Mary.
I'm so happy for you all.
ReformingGeek said…
That was a great post! Ah, the joys of youth. Happy Birthday to Dee!
bernthis said…
the ACS has a wonderful commercial where the theme is "we want to have more birthdays". I'm so glad he is okay. Happy Birthday to him and many many more
WarsawMommy said…
Happy b-day to your little man (or not so little, huh?).

Very touching story, with such a wonderful ending (though his story continues, of course); as a Mom myself, I cannot imagine what that must have been like. In my family, it was me that was diagnosed with childhood cancer (I was 9) and I have often wondered just how on earth my parents got through it, with 2 other kids, both younger than I was. At the time, of course, my focus was firmly on me - as it had to be - and it has only really been since becoming a Mom that I have come to understand what must have been going through my Mom and Dad's heads and hearts.

Parenthood. One of the toughest jobs out there.
Shana said…
Happy Birthday!
Lynn said…
That's so beautiful, and I adore the photo. Happy Birthday, Dee!
Pauline said…
Happy Birthday to him! He's quite the acrobat!:)
franzi said…
happy birthday dee - the teen is coming up!

i'd like to hear more about how you as family coped with this and how you told dee his story later on.


otin said…
That was very touching! I am so glad that he came through it all!

I wish him the happiest of birthdays!
LdybugSammi said…
Happy Birthday big boy!!!
I think the most amazing part is that you get him to do CHORES! And he's even happy while doing it :)

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