A Right-Handed Hook

"What's a prick?" Dee asked me, all nonchalant-like as he cuddled beside me on the couch, watching Jersey Shore (what?!). And let's stop right there for a moment and ponder this moment of extremes: a cuddling cherub, full of life and innocence, asking me what a prick is.

I did a double take as I looked at his innocent, little, chubby, freckly face. Did this child just ask me this question? I asked myself, feeling a hot flash overwhelm me.

"Ummmmmmmmmm, a prick? Uhhhhh, why are you asking me this?" I said, hoping he'd change the topic and forget all about it. But, a part of me was curious, truly wondering.

"Jake called me that the other day," Dee said.

And then Dee explained. Apparently, Jake shouted out some embarrassing words to a girl Dee likes, something to the effect of, "Hey *** ! Dee wants to kiss you!!" You know, stupid and embarrassing kid stuff that makes a child want to cry. Not sure why Dee is so often the butt of bullies' jokes, but he is.

So, Dee went inside the school and sat on the stairs, very upset and embarrassed. The principal found him and asked him what was wrong. By the way, I love this principal. He is the best thing to have hit this school in a long time. Dee told him, and the principal dealt with the problem.

Jake is now upset with Dee because Dee "snitched" on him. Hence, the word "prick".

Aren't kids adorable?

So, of course I told Dee what it meant: "It's a bad word for the word 'penis'."

"Oh," Dee said, all serious. "That's not very nice."

I agree.

So, what do you do? As a mother, it's such a hard thing, knowing that your child is going through something that, in the grand scheme of things, isn't really that big a deal, but for him at this time in his life, is absolutely monumental. I can hug him all I like, he still has to face things on his own in the morning.

In other news, my right hand is swollen and in pain. Arthritis sucks. It zaps me of all my energy and makes me cry. I woke up the other morning with a hand that would not close. The joints on that hand are getting worse. I'm just glad I'm going to a new rheumatologist in April, albeit in Toronto. Yes, Ontario's health system is so awesome, one has to travel almost five hours in order to be able to see a doctor. I suppose it could be worse. The worst would be that I couldn't find a specialist at all. I already have one here at home, but I don't like her, and I needed a new one. My current rheumatologist was useless. Very pleasant, nice smile, dressed well, but I'm not dating her. She had no interest in me at all. I even went so far as to print off a pile of information for her regarding my special genetic issue that causes me much of my grief, and she told me, in no uncertain terms, that she didn't have time for that. Really? I felt like saying. Is that why you get paid $200,000 a year?
The most unfortunate thing in all this is that, now, I have to wait to use my right-handed hook on Jake. April can't come fast enough.


Anonymous said…
Very good answer to your child. The truth, how about that. Refreshing.

Any way to report that incompetent doctor? I think it would be satisfying. I hate to see people get away with their arrogance.
First, if you don't mind my asking, did I miss, among all your health posts, something about your special genetic issue? And, just curious and not wanting to dash your awesome new goal in life to be a nurse or paramedic, won't having arthritis in your hands affect being able to perform cpr or inserting an IV? (I know you're not in the habit of answering my questions or commenting on my comments, but I'm really curious about the answer to this-could you email me if you don't want to answer here?)

In my opinion, and of course I'm not including Dee in this generalization, but all little boys can be pricks! Seriously, they can be so mean (though not as mean as little girls!). Garrett, my six year old grandson, got punched out the other day, literally on the ground and pummeled, by a five year old! And the 8 yr olds they were playing with were on the side egging the five year old on! What had Garrett done to deserve it? Threw a snowball!

And I empathize with you on the doctor - doesn't it just irritate the crap out of you to have one that just doesn't care about you as an individual? Well, yeah, I guess it does since you mentioned it! I'm just not sure what could be going on in their minds when they write you off, and then you go to another doctor and they find what's wrong with you right off the bat! What's with that?
Gaston Studio said…
Kids can be just so mean... but you gave the only response you could; if they ask, tell them the truth.

Sorry you've encountered an incompetent physician, just rest assured they're not only in Canada.
My daughter has a ten year old son who is going through a curiosity stage about sex and life in general. My daughter always tells him the truth as he would only find out but more sordidly from school chums.
Hope you get some relief from your pain, I had a sortisone injection in my shoulder 2 months ago because of awful pain in arm shoulder and neck and it's worked wonders.
Take care.
Scribe said…
That Jake is a penis pulling pervert! Okay, maybe he isn't but that was mean what he did to Dee. And good on the principal for being so hands on.

Hope the new doc gives you a better treatment han the one in Ottawa. Toronto's not so bad but I prefer Ottawa.
Anonymous said…
I have some happy for you at me blog. come and get it.
livin my life, whatever
Wow, great answer for your son! I'm not a parent, and there's probably a good reason why! I would've gotten all nervous and answered with something like, "It's what they do to your finger when they test you for diabetes." Yours was WAY better!

Great blog! So glad I found you (thanks, GregoryJ!)
Hey Gregory,

Don't think there's a chance of reporting the dr. She didn't outright abuse me...or did she? Hmmm....
Hey Linda,

We need to meet in person! I think we'd be great friends!

I have something known as Stickler Syndrome, similar to Marfan Syndrome, but not fatal. It creates havoc with your connective tissue throughout the body, hence, the reason for many of my health issues.

I've given the whole healthcare career move A LOT of thought, and I know it will be a challenge, but I truly think I can do it. And I'm also hoping that this new dr. in Toronto will give me some new meds to try, because I know they're out there.

Thanks for all of your concern!! And I promise to be a better commenter/responder. I'm really really bad at that.
ReformingGeek said…
Wow! Ouch! I hope you get some relief soon.

Poor Dee. It is so tough being a kid.
Thanks for answering me, Mary! I'm gonna look that Stickler thing up so I'll be better informed. And I've thought the same thing about the friend thing! I'll be watching your progress on all of this, whether you comment on my comments or not!

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