PhD Stands For Pretty Harmless Dude

Mr. Handsome has his PhD and is very very smart -- I would say pretty much geniuslike -- but there are so many things he doesn't know or has a very difficult time understanding...
  • directions or streets in the city, getting from Point A to Point B

  • his way home

  • his phone number
  • his children's birthdates

  • anything besides public administration and policy, and the Moody Blues

  • that some things are just supposed to look pretty and not really do anything else

  • that the remote phone does NOT belong on the mantel

  • that the movie "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" is not about...shooting horses

  • a peck on the cheek and a tweak of the buttock is NOT considered foreplay
  • cleaning the bathroom entails moving things off the floor

  • cleaning a 4 x 4 foot bathroom does NOT take most people two days to do

  • cooking a pasta dinner doesn't have to entail using every single pot, pan and utensil in the kitchen

  • cooking a pasta dinner doesn't mean leaving half the tomato sauce on the walls

What Mr. Handsome DOES know and understand is:

  • my love for him is unconditional

  • his love for me is unconditional (at least, it sure seems that way!)

  • he's a great daddy

  • he manages finances like no other

  • he cares endlessly about his family

  • the ultimate importance of family

  • how to calm me down when I'm freakin' out, which is most days

  • how to assure me that all will be fine

  • that his logic balances my emotion

  • he has more patience than anyone I know, except maybe me

  • that he's a good person

  • that he's a wonderful husband, even though I sometimes may make him think the opposite

I like the second list. How about you?


Shana said…
I wish I could find a guy like that. Does your hubby have a brother??

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