Merry Christmas! And Don't Shoot Your Mother!

I want to wish each and every one of you the best Christmas ever, with lots of food, happiness, music, laughter and even more love. This photo does not do our lovely tree justice. My camera sucks, which is why I hope I win the one Ree Drummond is giving away at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. I have a wonderful Canon, but it's not digital. So I end up using this other Canon Powershot DX-1 that my mother-in-law actually won and then so generously gave to me. I like it, but it really doesn't work so well a lot of the time. Do you feel sorry for me?

On Christmas Eve, the empty space you see under the tree will be chock-full of prezzies, goodies, and wonderful packages of joy. Not that I appreciate the commercialism of our Christmases nowadays, but that doesn't mean I don't like the odd diamond bracelet, or digital camera, or new laptop, or the latest version of PhotoShop, or...ok, I'll stop.

This is Gryphon, our standard poodle, trying to figure out what the Christmas lights are, and wondering whether they taste good.

This is what our tree will look like after all the "joy" of Christmas is over (read: copious amounts of alcohol)...

...and this is what our tree will look like to me after drinking all the "joy" that is Christmas. Just kidding. I only need one glass of Bailey's to make me start seeing upside down Christmas trees. I'm a cheap date.
Merry Christmas, everyone! And remember, be good to your neighbours, hug your friends, and don't yell too many obscenities at your relatives!


Travel Writer said…
The tree looks just fine... Wow at the drinks.. Can you spare me so thirsty.
Kat said…
Merry Christmas! Your tree looks lovely, even if you think you have a crappy camera.
Suburbia Steph said…
My camera sucks too..I've been thru too many of them. If you find a good one that you'd recommend, lemme know!

Who knows, maybe Santa will bring it to you tonite!
Shupe said…
which is why I stay home!!!!

If I go over to my families on Christmas- I make a fool out of myself- cause we all drink way too much!

Happy holidays to you too!
Have fun!
georgie said…
Merry Christmas to you too!
Stesha said…
Merry Christmas from ME!
Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that you won my blog contest! (You actualy tied with another gal, so you both are getting a prize.)

I had actually thought you were a different Michelle, so I originally thought someone else had won. My bad! Teaches me to pay attention that maybe more than one Michelle likes my blog! lol

Please email me at with a mailing address that I can send your prize to!
Oops, I got the wrong Michelle again. Man, I guess more people read my blog than I realized. lol

It was yet a different Michelle who won my contest.

So, so sorry about the mix-up!
Anonymous said…

Your tree is beautiful!

And you pup is so cute!
Anonymous said…
I was a good girl w/ the family today-not one obscenity!
Rachel said…
That tree is HUGE!!!! I love it.

Merry Christmas!

Following In My Shoes
kel said…
Hope you had a great one!!!

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