Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I would like a controller thingie migigie with the tires that d'ont scratch anything, and with the tires that do the thing when it turns it's wheels around it's body. You probably know what I'm talking about since you are Santa. I also want a punching-bag for myself to hang in the living room. I would like a little cute puppy just to myself. Not that I don't like Gryphon, but he's really big.

I would also like 4 Sens tickets, box seats included, for my whole family. I would also like a mini-bake-oven just to myself so I can make dinner, sometimes. I would also like the Wii game "Star Wars Unleashed" for my whole family to play sometimes.

As you know already, I would like another chocolate box from you. Try to make it have a different cover this time. I would also like a pair of roller-blades just to myself. I would also like a laptop just to myself to play on until my mom gets another computer for the kitchen. The reason why, you see, is because I'm bord with the fact that I have to go all the way upstairs to just go on the computer.

I would also like to be able to eat apples again. Just kidding. I know you can't make that happen. On to the list.

I would also like a puzzle with one million pieces or close to that. I would also like a lot more bouncy balls for myself to play around with.

That concludes my list. But I would also like to ask you some questions. How is Mrs. Claus? Is Rudolph feeling good? How are the reindeer feeling? I hope Rudolph's nose is still shining bright so you can see where you're going on Christmas Eve. Are you still needing that silver paint? Probably not. Bye bye.

P.S. We will leave lots of cookies for you. I don't want to see any cookies on the plate when we go down the stairs on Christmas day. We will leave some carrots or something for your reindeer, and I don't want to see any of that there, either.

I hope you get this letter.


P.P.S. I also really want the books: The Harry Potter series, and the book Sir Fartsalot Hunts The Booger.

P.P.S. I also need another jug for my mom.


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