Who knew that chemistry could suck the life out of a person like this? And, while on the topic, I wonder what that chemical equation would be

I've been outside maybe twice this entire week, spending the majority of my time holed up in the dining room, bedroom, or living room, with my laptop, chemistry books, and tissues for all the tears I'm shedding.

Chemistry is not easy, guys. Who knew?! I certainly didn't. Here I thought, 'How hard can a few chemical compounds and some letters and numbers be?! For god's sake, I've got a university degree.' If you asked me now, my thoughts would more simulate the following: '*&$HYH#^TD)(@@":#&$^%(!!!!!!'

And now, because I have to pass this chemistry course in order to get into the paramedic program this fall, Mr. Handsome has taken it upon himself to study it so that he can help me with all the mathematical equations and chemical blahblahblah because he is the Dr. Spock in our family, whereas I am  more the Kate Gosselin. Enough said.

I would like to say that I now have full proof that Mr. Handsome does indeed love me, because who the hell else would study chemistry just so that he can help his wife out?! It was a match made in heaven, guys. Either that, or I owe him big time. Eventually.


* True story here, folks. Michelangelo gorged himself on brains.

* When good is actually bad, but not in a bad way. I think. Maybe. Whatever. On second thought, don't read it. It's not worth your time.

That's it folks for this week. Stay tuned to next week, when you can hear all about how much more studying I did, how much more I sucked at understanding chemical equations and ionic balancing, and other things that are much less exciting!!


ReformingGeek said…
What a guy!

Good Luck.

Takea H2O break and get some O2.

That's about all I remember.

Indeed what a guy, you're very lucky to have him around.

Good luck
DavidShag said…
My last chemistry class was 51 or 52 years ago. Not long enough. But chemistry was infinitely more preferable to me than biology of physics. I feel your pain, and yeah, you got a good guy there. Maybe one day, when all tests are passed, you will get a less stressed up-close perspective of the subject sand find you are glad to know some of it; not the formulas like NaCl and H2So4, but the concpts of metals and inert gases and so on. I found that to be true of many things I disliked learning. If nothing else, you should memorize one complex formula so you can drop it casually into the conversation when you need to score a point.
otin said…
Way too much thinking! LOL Suddenly construction seems fun! haha
Trina said…
Chem gives me the heebie jeebies. Actually, anything that involves math does.
Caitlin N said…
Oh my gosh chemistry is horrible. I would have rather taken calculus, and that's saying something

Good luck!

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