It's a small world after're welcome for now having that song stuck in your head on a never-ending reel

Why, yes. Yes I am still alive. I think. Just a second, let me check.

Yup. Still here. Although I have no feeling left from the neck up.

It's been yet another whirlwind of a week (or whirledwind, as some people say, which actually drives me crazy, but I'll just leave that alone for today), but I still haven't written my last exam (it's somewhere in-between Toronto and here, which probably means it's in Tokyo, knowing our postal service). I've been studying chemical equations and gas reactions, and meanwhile, Dee has been sick as a puppy with a stomach thing that makes him pass out everytime he goes to the bathroom, which makes this mommy very very sad. I'm hoping he's feeling better soon, because this has been going on since last Thursday, and there are no signs of it letting up.

And I have a raging bladder infection that makes the normal act of peeing seem like you are actually putting your urethra through a meat grinder. Over and over and over again. And, of course, you feel like you have to pee ALL.THE.TIME, which just makes the meat grinder grind all the more. Fun. Not so much. I've finally got some antibiotics on board, but my belly is still really sore and unhappy. Woe's me.

We are also supposed to run down to Toronto this weekend for some cuddle-time with the newest addition to the family. Mr. Handsome's sister had another boy earlier this month, and apparently it's all hell in that house right now, which is exactly why we decided to go down there and visit, because we like to pile the different levels and consistencies of hell up on top of each other because our motto is "The more the merrier!" What's a little more hell in your life?

The most excitement I've had is my First Aid/CPR course that I took last weekend, when I discovered that the instructor is an old girlfriend of my younger brother's, and now we're Facebook friends and probably BFFs too. Small world? Yes. Yes, it is.

So. My life in a nutshell. These days, not so exciting.

How about you? Give me your rundown of your very own personal Layers of Hell. Don't be shy.


Hope your son recovers soon Mary and your bladder infection, both not nice things to have to put up with.

The past 5 weeks have been Hell.
I decided to get a new cell phone on contract meaning you get the phone free and the network allows you so many free mins talk and so many free texts,I was pressurised into signing and phone no 1 was too small, Phone no 2 I couldn't get my contact numbers scrolled down. I left the phone at the shop, cancelled the direct debit with the bank and thought that was that.Oh no, had a phone call saying
I could choose phone No:3: The shop assistant was verbally abusive so I took the phone home
found that when you spoke to someone ones ear got very hot also head as well, being epileptic took it back and got phone no:4: which does exactly the same, I have to keep this phone for 2 years as they woun't terminate my contract.
All in all a very frustrating 5 weeks.
Hope you pass your exams.

♥Georgie♥ said…
So hope you and Dee are much better soon! You have been VERY busy and YAY for FB friends new and old alike and yes thank You now i have the song stuck in my head!
ReformingGeek said…
I hope you all feel better soon.

Stay away from cuddly babies. They may have cuddly germs.

MarieA said…
poor guy! Hope you're both on the road to recovery.

Personal hell. - out of town visitor this weekend. Haven't seen him in years. Teen age daughter - AKA RebelJunior has again turned my beautiful rec room and mediocre kitchen into her personal slum areas AND THEN she decided to sleep over at a friend's - they were really going clubbing across the river.
SO I get to clean up her mess.

Older daughter - Rebel - called from her dad's in B.C. asked me for a ride home - also on the other side of the river because her loser boyfriend - who I BELIEVE has a suspended license- took the car her dad gave her to use - to work. He didn't bother to pick her up afterwards because she assumed I would do it. She can't reach him of course because his cell isn't on because he doesn't pay his bills!
And on the other hand she told me "I'm and adult and will make my own decisions," ok.. so I finally pushed back and told her I wouldn't be her chauffer. She had to deal with that one on her own. She hung up on me. I took the dog for a walk.

On the aches and middle aged pain front - the SI joint is still inflamed, my back molars both top and bottom hurt and the dentist can't find anything wrong, and I had this cough for weeks and thought I might possibly have lung cancer or something. Turns out it's post nasal drip and I need prescription nasal spray to get rid of it. Post nasal drip, seriously. I never knew such a thing really existed.

That's my hell. But I am going to a NASCAR race next weekend so I am about to get outta hell and go to Red Neck Central instead. It will be on my blog. Read about it there!
Happy Long Weekend Mary!
meleah rebeccah said…
UGH!!! Bladder infections are BRUTAL! I feel your pain!
Hell: I'll tell you next weekend when I go to the same NASCAR race as MarieA. If we meet her, though, maybe it won't be so bad...always cool to meet other bloggers...speaking of "small world," which yes, thanks a hell of a lot for my having that song now stuck in my head.
Elizabeth said…
You have a wicked wit, and yes, it's hilarious how people torture those with a newborn!

Love your blog! Hope you will check out the story I'm posting about a life like yours at

Somehow we will survive!!

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