Michelangelo probably ate brains for breakfast

Holy crap, guys. It's almost July! And I have so much stuff to do between now and the end of July that just thinking about it makes my anus clench in a perpetual cramp.

Either way you look at it, it's not pleasant.

On a somewhat brighter note, I've pretty much finished the Biology portion of my pre-requisites for the paramedic program this fall, so I'm halfway there. Sort of. Fact is, this chemistry is kicking my butt. I almost enjoyed biology, and even learned a few things. Chemistry? Not so much. I mean, who really cares what happens when you mix 4F + 3(CO)2? Not me. And what's worse is I'm pretty darn sure I don't need to know one iota of this in order to be a paramedic. I have now spent the better part of three days trying to figure out how to balance chemical equations, and I can now finally say that I UNDERSTAND!!! And now I also understand why I should have taken Grade 11 chemistry BEFORE Grade 12.

And then I found out that Michelangelo has been painting brains on ceilings in Italy, in an effort to speak the truth about God and the heavens, and now I really think I need to start painting instead of studying stupid chemistry so that I too can become famous for painting famous paintings on famous ceilings, and THEN, centuries later, becoming famous ALL OVER AGAIN for actually painting camouflaged brains within the paintings! How cool would that be, guys??? Sneaky Michelangelo.

But then again, I'd probably most definitely be put away forever and ever, because seriously? That is just really weird, man. What.The.Hell was wrong with Mikey? I mean, here is is, painting God on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and he decides to put a brain into God's face and neck? WHO DOES THAT?!

It's kind of like a Renaissance Where's Waldo.

I should probably just go study.


Another interesting and fun post up to your usually good standard.
hope you get all your medical knowledge in time,

Even though Waldo looks like he is scared, I think he secretly like it rough...or so Ive heard.
Now, relax. You'll get it all done. Deep breaths and positive thoughts.

OHHH.... BTW, you have a gift waiting for you on my blog. Under Hot Damn, I Hit 100.
meleah rebeccah said…
Congrats on ALMOST finishing the Biology portion. And Good Luck with all that Chemistry! YIKES.
Nicole said…

I don't even know what to ay.. except that I'm definitely going to check out those pics with a magnified glass (oh wait.. I don't have one.. but you know what I mean)

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