Uses for a zombie robot

Remember her?

I couldn't stop thinking of her.

Here she is, sitting behind a counter at the provincial courthouse, giving people directions. All.Day.Long. Not that that's a bad job, because it's not. You get to meet people, help them, and sit. All at the same time.

And she obviously loves her job, because like I said in Wednesday's post, she was extremely polite and helpful. I think she might be my new BFF.

However, being the perpetual doer of all  things good, I kept thinking of her, knowing that there must be better things out there for her.

For instance, I know she'd be awesome as a protection officer, with eyes like those. Just imagine the opportunities.

Clearly, the perfect job for her. Nothing would get by her. Not even a star-nosed mole. Yeah, she's THAT awesome.

And imagine how super her eyes could be trying to find things, like her husband's wallet, or perhaps her children's protractor.

In fact, she would most probably be quite fine finding two or three things at once. You're getting a wee bit jealous now, aren't you?

She'd also be amazing as a crossing guard. And I could see everyone on the coast wanting her as either a lifeguard, or perhaps to watch for dangerous sharks that could furtively show up at a moment's notice. Because sharks always do.

Now that I think of it,  I'm probably being entirely too optimistic, believing she is a good-hearted person, on this earth only to do good. In fact, she could very possibly be a very bad zombie robot, intent on wreaking havoc on everyone and everything.

Never mind what I just said. I'm staying clear of her, and I advise you to do the same. You're welcome.

P.S. Clearly, I have no life. Please forgive me. And don't send me away.


Mary you have a vivid imagination and a wonderful sense of humour. I enjoyed this very much and had a giggle all to my self.( Perhaps someone will take me away)as I live on my own.

Enjoy your week-end
ReformingGeek said…
I've called. The men in white coats will be gentle. I promise.

Get well soon.

Hee Hee

Is this what happens when one is getting reading to go to Cheeseland?
Ash said…
School crossing guard - perfect! Instant incentive to get their fannies across the street.

She scares me.

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