Too Sick To Think

Feeling a little worse for wear ... my amazingly titillating, scintillating and erudite ramblings will have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry, folks!

And no, I do not have a hangover, regardless of what any of my friends may say in the comments. In fact, I am suffering from a migraine, extreme nausea, and uterine pain. Now are you happy?

And by the way, no harm was done to the dog used in the production of this blog post. He wasn't feeling all that well either.


I am truly sorry you are so unwell, also dog. all will be well soon I'm sure and will look forward to your most interesting blogs.

Gosh, you sound really sick! So, I'm thinking that it's a good thing you don't have a job to go to, because you'd have to tell them what all's wrong, and they might think that you surely were making all that up so that you could take a mental health day - on a Monday!

Hope you feel better soon. Watch Ellen and have a good laugh if it doesn't hurt too bad. Oh wait, I've had migraines, and I'm thinking you will be prone in a dark room with no sound or light?

By the way, I'd stay away from that dog if I were you ... something's wrong with his eyes, and you might catch it on top of everything else.
♥Trina♥ said…
Bless your heart! Hope you're feeling better soon.
Gaston Studio said…
You poor things; hope you'll both feel better tomorrow.
Feel better, Mary. I'm so far behind on reading your blog. Take good care of yourself.
Shana said…
Hope you feel better soon.

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