Framed Photos Are Now School Supplies! Who Knew?

Who knew that hunting for school supplies could lead one to an old girlfriend, a disagreement, and lots of "umms" and "errrs" from an embarrassed husband?

That's right. And right before our 18th anniversary, which is today, by the way. Happy Anniversary, dear.

One of Mr. Handsome's many jobs around the house is to get the kids' school supplies ready for the school year. And he does it very well, I might add.

What he doesn't do so well is make sure framed photos of his ex-girlfriend are not also in the box of said school supplies. Oh yes he did.

Oh, he tried to hide the evidence. Obviously, after 18 years of marriage, he still doesn't know how detail-oriented I am, how I see everything, hear everything. Know. Everything.

I grabbed the gold-framed photo of his ex (who, I might add, at first glance looked a lot like a younger version of Mr. Handsome), and asked for an explanation.

Folks, there was none. Surprised? Me neither.

I asked how he'd feel if I framed a few pictures of my past beloveds and had them hanging around the house, just because.

His answer? "Sure. And while you're at it, it would be great if you had their phone numbers and addresses as well."


The funny thing is, I'm not jealous. I don't really care. I just think it's hilarious, and a little strange. Interesting, even. Because I'm always curious as to why people do what they do. Always have been, always will be. So, why keep an ugly fake gold lame framed photo of your girlfriend from 25 years ago? What reason could there be? Especially if said girlfriend could be mistaken for a boy...

I'm thinking I just may pull out some of my old boyfriend photos (and there are so many of them) and throw them into a few beauty frames I have lying around. And then, when Mr. Handsome comes home tonight to take me out on the town for our 18th, he can say hi to the guys as well! The more the merrier, I always say.

Happy 18th, sweetie! Can't wait to turn old and gray with you! Wait a minute! We already did that...


Simply Mags said…
Happy Anniversary!

This is hilarious (and bizarre?). Guy isn't very good at hiding things as well---I find everything (he calls it being snoopy..I call it making sure I know where everything is at all times a.k.a "organized"). When I come across something "questionable", he just sits there stunned like a deer caught in the headlights.
Gaston Studio said…
Okay, that would definitely upset me. I see no reason why a married person of any gender would keep photos of their exes.
FrankandMary said…
Happy Anniversary.
Real life, who can make this stuff up?~Mary
ReformingGeek said…
That is funny, funny strange that is. As for your old pictures, I'm not sure he would notice! ;-)

Happy Anniversay!
CDP said…
That is hilarious! And I wouldn't have been upset, but I'd definitely use it to my advantage...because I'm evil sometimes.
Happy Anniversary, reading this made my day, I laughed so much, you sure do have a way with words.
Love it.

too, too funny. Nope, not here. I have disposed of all pics of ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands. I did come across 1 prom picture and kept it because I was sure that Molly would get a kick out of it. She had a good time making fun of the dress I wore. I wish I had kept THAT and she would be wearing it to Prom this year!
Happy Anniversary~
Shana said…
Happy Anniversary
And try the picture thing..... and see how long it takes for him to notice
Debbie said…
I am thinking you are due for some jewelry to make up for that!
Michel said…
hahah! that is FUNNY! Plus, you know he totally feels guilty so is likely going to get you an extra special gift! PRICELESS!
That's odd. I make it a point to burn any and all photos of ex playmates. No, not because I am bitter and scorned, but because I replace them with more attractive men that I find online and then pretend that they are my exes. Is that wrong?
♥Trina♥ said…
Happy anniversary a day late!

Funny mom and dad have been married over 40 years now. My dad has a son and two granddaughters in Texas from his first marriage. A couple of years back, Mom and Dad went out to visit my stepbrother and nieces. While they were there, they were at my dad's ex-wife's house. Guess what was hanging on her wall? Yep, the wedding picture of HER and MY DAD! They had been divorced for probably 45 years at the time! My mom and I got a huge laugh out of it because it was obvious that Dad's ex realized what a good thing she had in my dad. It was her loss, though. She was the one who left him.
Steph said…
As you know, I would have gone crazy. And been bitching about it eight years later. js.

Happy anniversary!
portogear said…
very honest post

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