Playing Mind Games, And Making Wishes Come True!

Funny how the mind plays games on you.

I am finding, since the day I got let go (that would be last Tuesday), that my mind casually wanders back to that day rather unnoticeably, and before I know it, the unending tape is rolling over and over in my head, playing the scene over and over again: me sitting in the office, facing two managers, the paper lying facedown on the desk, one manager telling me I'm being let go.

For the most part, I am keeping myself occupied, busy enough that I don't think about things too much. Looking at job sites, trying to figure things out, cleaning the house, talking on the phone; all to push the bad and ugly thoughts out of my head.

I don't feel sad about it. In fact, I'm actually rather glad it happened. Somewhat of a blessing in disguise, as they say. I just have to keep reminding myself that this whole deal wasn't my fault, and I have to move on.

But just the same, the bills still have to get paid.

I've been occupying myself by taking a look at everything as a whole, trying to remain positive, and keeping all options open. There are a few writing positions I'm applying for, including one for the daily newspaper right here in town.

But the best job I've found so far?

I'm going to apply to be a bus driver! That's right, people! A bus driver I will be. The city's looking, and who am I to say no to an offer like that? Not only that, but what fun I'd have, tooling around the city in a huge vehicle, making sure people put the exact change into the little thingy, wishing them "a good day, eh", and helping little old ladies and women with babies on and off. It's almost a wish come true, really. I mean, how many of us can truly say they haven't wanted to be a bus driver at some point in their lives? Be honest, now. Most of us, right?

The thought that I would get to use one of their radios makes my earlobes tingle with glee because using two-way radios always makes people look all official and important, and I'm nothing if I'm not looking important.

The best part of this job, of course, is that I would get to wear a uniform. Just that in itself makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Because, as we all know, most bus drivers wear their pants, umm, shall we say, a tad high up on the waist, so to speak, a la Steve Urkel.

Not only would I look awesome cool, but the highness of the pants waist would create a ruse so as to make my rolls and paunch seem quite invisible. And voila! Magic! And I get paid too! I can only hope.

Wish me luck, peeps! But don't expect any free rides, guys. I wouldn't be a very good role model for all my bus driver buddies, now, would I? I know you understand.


The mind has a habit of playing tricks like reliving days one wishes to forget.....or at least to to the back of your mind.
Should you go for a bus drivers job I wish you well,after all it's a big responsibity carrying passegers to their destinations and one has to be alert.
Good luck.

Lauren said…
Well don't drive yourself pun intended...about the last day at that hell hole. No matter how much your mind plays that trick on you, it ain't gonna change nuttin'.

My word veri is: comma - too funny.
booshy said…
Really? A bus driver? Good luck to you - and be sure to honk at the jaywalkers...the one's that take five years to cross the street AFTER they decided to walk into oncoming traffic because...well...they could. )
♥Trina♥ said…
hahaha The last kindergarten graduation that I went to (about 7 years ago now!!) the two popular careers were bus drivers and circus people. Hmmmm...sometimes buses CAN be a little like the circus.

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